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Excuse me, sir, does this road go to Xocempich?
Sa’ates ten, tàat ku bin xokempìich le beh hé’ela’?
No, indeed, not this one.
Má’a tech, má’ letí’i’.
The one on your left is the one you’ll take.
Letí’ le yan tax tz’íiko’ letí’ ken a biseh.
Is it far from here?
Náach wá waye’?
Not very far. I think [it’s] about two leagues.
Má’ seen náachi’ in tuklike’ míin ká’a lúub.
You can get there in two hours [by] walking.
Ku páahtal a k’uchul ich ká’a pé hora xíimbalil.
And the road over there, where does it go?
Kux túun le beh té’elo’, tu’ux ku bin?
It goes to Valladolid.
Ku bun saki’.
Thank you, sir.
Díos bo’otiktech tàat.
You (pl.) aren’t from here, are you??
Té’exe’ má’ wayilé’exe’, máasimá’?
Are you from here?
Wayi lé’ex wáe’?
No, we aren’t from Yucatan.
Má’, má’ yúukantàaniló’oni’.
We are solely Americans.
Puro áamerikàanosó’on.
And you, sir, are you from Piste?
Kux tech tàat pisté’ilech wá?
Well, as a matter of fact, I’m from Peto, but I work here.
Pues, tohhkabile’, tene’ peeto(h)ilen,pero way k in meyahe’.
Is this your son?
A hijo wa lela’?
No, he’s just my friend.
Ma’a tech leti’e’ chen in amigo.
Why do you come here?
Ba’ax o’olal ka taale’ex waye’?
Because I want to learn Maya.
T yo’lal in k’aat in kan maya.
Why are you anxious to learn Maya?
Ba’ax ten taak a kanik maya?
Because I like this Indian tongue!
Tu men utztin xikin le massewal tanna’.
How long have you been here?
Hay pe kin yanake’ex waye’?
We’ve been here more than a month.
Mas ti’ un pe mes yanako’on waye’.
Almost two months.
Ta’itak dos meses.
Will you get accustomed [to it] here in Yucatan?
Teche’ he’ wa (a) suuktal way yukatane’?
Who knows? I believe so. Perhaps.
Ken sa bixih. Miin he’ wale’. Ma’ xaani’.
So you’ll stay here then?
He’ wa a paatal bey wayo’?
I wish I could…, I’d like to stay, but I can’t, I have to go.
Kexi’e’, in k’aat paatal, ba’ale, ma’ tu paahtal, yan in bin.
Oh, you have to go!
Aah, yan a bin.
Yes, we go back again to our country.
Bix ma’hi. K ka’a suut t lu’um.
How long will you be here?
Hay pe kin ken a meente’ex waye’?
When do you go?
Ba’ax kin a bin?
Well, we leave in a few days.
Pues, to’one’ ich tz’e’etz’ek (dze’edzek) kin k hookol.
How many days for you to arrive home?
Hay pe kin a kuchul ta nahil?
In three days, perhaps.
Ichil tres dias wale’.
Do you know the way to Xocempich?
A wohel u behil xokenpiich?
Yes, thanks to that farmer!
In wohel, dios bootik te’ le h koolnaalo’.
Now I can surely find it.
Be’ hora(h)e’ he’ u paahtal in kaxtike’.