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Bix a k’aaba’ tech?
What’s your name?
Tene' in k’aaba’ Alberto
My name’s Alberto.
A witz nob’ wa leti’ob?
Are they your younger siblings?
Má. Leti’ ob’ e’ chen k’ét-meya hóob.
No. They are only our co-workers.
Ah, a wéet-maya hóob.
Oh, your co-workers.
Bix u k’aaba’ o leti’ob?
What are their names?
Le’un túula h Juan u k’aaba’.
This one’s name is Juan.
Le’u lak un túulo Pablo u k’aaba’.
The other one’s name is Pablo.
Tux a táa lech?
Where do you (pl) come from?
Tóone’ estados unidos k’tàal.
We’re from the United States.
Téexe’ tulak lech a wool lech wá Maya ta’an?
Do you all know Maya?
K’ohel, pero Juane’ chen um pit’ i yooh li’.
We do, but Juan knows only a little.
Max e (in?) máako’?
Who’s that person?
A k’ahóol wá?
Do you know him?
Bix u k’aaba’ e máako’obo?
What are those people called?
A wohel wá?
Do you know?
In wohel. Pedro, kóoten waye’!
(Yes), I know. Pedro, come here!
Lela’ Pedro. U yéet-meya Marcelino.
This is Pedro. He is Marcelino’s co-worker.
Lelo' David u k’aaba’.
That one’s name is David.
Toh in wóol in meyahtikech.
I’m pleased to serve (meet) you.
K’iimak in wóol’ikil in meyahtikech.
I am happy to serve (meet) you.
K’iimak in wóol in kahooltikech, José!
I’m happy to make your acquaintance, José!
Kix tuun a suku’un e’echob?
And how about your older brothers?
U yooloob’ wá Castellano xan?
Do they know Spanish too?
Hach yooloob’.
The certainly do
U k’ahoolech wá leti’?
Does he know you?
Chen yohel k’ k’aaba’.
He only knows our name(s).
Pero toone’ k’ k’ahool leti’.
But we know him!