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How many of each card should you put in your deck?
17 monsters, 17 magics, 7 traps
What are the phases and what order do you do them in?
1.Draw Phase 2.Standby Phase 3.Main Phase 1 4.Battle Phase 5.Main Phase 2
How many types of monsters are there and what are they?
There are 4 types of monsters:
Normal, Effect, Ritual, Fusion
How many types of magic cards are there and what are they?
There are 6 types of magic cards: Normal, Equip, Field, Continuous, Quickplay, Ritual
How many types of traps are there and what are they?
There are 3 types of traps: Normal, Continuous, Counter
What are the three ways to automatically win?
Last Turn, Final Countdown, 5 pieces of Exodia
What is a chain?
A chain occurs when one person counters anothers spell/trap
What are the tribute rules?
When can a trap card be activated?
When set for at least 1 turn unless there are special rules
When can a magic card be activated?
In your Main Phase 1/2. Quickplays can be activated any time.