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americans that believe they have the right to bear arms (in a private group)
area immediatley surronding home
probable cause
a particular person was reasonably likely to have commited a particular offense
new jersey vs. T.L.O.
probable cause not required when students searched by school officials
Plain view exception
if officer is in place where he/she has right to be, evidence of crime in plain view may be serized w/out warrant
hot pursuit exception
if police are in hot pursuit of suspect, they may follow suspect into building, w/out warrant
exclusionary rule
criminals should not go free b/c of errors of police
issued when grand jury believes the prosecutor has presented enough evidence to justify a trial
double jeopardy
retrying a case in which the accused has acquitted
self incrimination
forcing a defendant to testify against himself
total immunity
witness cannot be prosecuted for any incriminating evidence
eminent domain
gov. power to take private property for public use