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to eat

to wipe, clean
먹다(Citation Form)/먹어요(Polite Present tense)

닦다(Citation Form)/닦아요(Polite Present tense)
to hold(a baby)

to sit
(아기를)안다(Citation Form)/(아기를)안아요(Polite Present tense)

앉다(Citation Form)/앉아요(Polite Present tense)
to close

to open
닫다(Citation Form)/닫아요(Polite Present tense)

열다(Citation Form)/열어요(Polite Present tense)
to receive, get
받다(Citation Form)/받아요(Polite Present tense)
to live
살다(Citation Form)/살아요(Polite Present tense)
to know
알다(Citation Form)/알아요(Polite Present tense)
to play
놀다(Citation Form)/놀아요(Polite Present tense)
to make
만들다(Citation Form)/만들어요(Polite Present tense)
to cry

to smile, laugh
울다(Citation Form)/울어요(Polite Present tense)

웃다(Citation Form)/웃어요(Polite Present tense)
to read
읽다(Citation Form)/읽어요(Polite Present tense)
to remain; be left over
남다(Citation Form)/남아요(Polite Present tense)
to wear, put on
입다(Citation Form)/입어요(Polite Present tense)
to wash
씻다(Citation Form)/씻어요(Polite Present tense)
to hold, grab

to look for; to withdraw
잡다(Citation Form)/잡아요(Polite Present tense)

찾다(Citation Form)/찾아요(Polite Present tense)
to put in

to put on; let go
넣다(Citation Form)/넣어요(Polite Present tense)

놓다(Citation Form)/놓아요(Polite Present tense)