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What did new ideas about science, philosophy, and government force Christians to do?
force them to ask questions about what they believed and themselves as persons of faith
How did the revolutions of Europe affect the Church?
they challenged the Church's political power and worldly influence & thus oppresed the clergy forcing them to flee to America
What impact did Darwin's work have on the Church?
It made people question how and when God created the universe
What did Karl Marx critcize about religion?
He said religion kept people enslaved as well as ignornat to the true causes of their misery/ poverty
How did Catholics like John Newman respond to Anti-Catholic antics and ideas?
pointed out important of the Church as the Body of Christ not as a political power
papal states
a territory in Italy ruled by the Pope
Latern Treaty of 1929
Vatican City became and independent nation ruled by the pope
What happened in 1869?
Pope Pius IX opened the Vatican I, the first council since the Council of Trent
What was decided at the Vatican Council
doctrine of infallibility
What does the teaching of papal infallibality remind us about the pope?
pope has greater power and authority than any earthly figure

Pope is Christ's representative on earth

God will always be faithful to the Church
1st and 2nd decades of the 20th century
Progressive Era
goals of Progressive Era
better labor condition, improved healthcare and more education
How did the Church lead the way in these areas?
alerted Catholics to rights and needs of Laborers

started hospitals and schools

sent missionaries all over the world
What did Pope Benedict V call for?
asked missionaries to train men and women to become priests and religious
put an end to the optimism of the Progressive Era
result of wars for many people
faced destruction of their homes, poverty, starvation, and religious and political oppression
Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Army killed 6 million
new threat Church faced after WWII
effect of communism had on organized religion
closed Churches and imprisoned or even killed clergy
What movements ocured in the Church during the 20th century?
liturgical, biblical, and eccumenical movement
What did liturgical movement do?
helped people better understand the mass
Prior to 1960 what language was the Roman mass in?
book that has both Latin and English translations of the mass
how did the biblical movement help Catholics?
began to read and study the Bible more, helping them to understand their faith
what did the events of the 1st half of the 20th century cause people to become aware?
problems of injustice
What did theologians say the Church should do renew the Christian Church?
look back at the sources of Christianity: the Bible and writings of eary Church fathers
Why did some Catholics see the theologians new ideas as dangerous?
they thought new ideas could make people lose their faith
What new intrests were a response to the pessimism that prevailed after WWII?
religion and spirtuality
Why did some Catholics see the theologians new ideas as dangerous?
they thought new ideas could make people lose their faith
What did other Catholics, including Pope John XXIII adovocate?
the Church should focus on its own renewal in order to speak more effectivel in the modern world