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-clears heat, generates fluids
-clears heat, promotes urination
-cools lung heat and stomach fire
lu gen
-clears heat, cools blood
-nourishes yin
-softens hardness
-dissipates nodules
xuan shen
-drains heat from the lung
-stops cough, calms wheezing
-promotes urination, reduces edema
-treats hypertension
sang bai pi
-clears heat, dries damp
-disperses wind
-kills parasites
-stops itching, esp. genital
-treats vaginal discharge
ku shen
-clears heat, disperses wind
-calms liver, clears eyes
-calms liver, extinguishes wind
ju hua
-purges accumulations, guides out stagnation
-clears & drains fire
-softens hardness & moistens dryness
mang xiao
-clears heat
-dissipates nodules
-clears liver fire & brightens eyes
-used for hypertension
xia ku cao
-clears damp heat
-promotes urination, unblocks painful dribbling
-breaks blood stasis
qu mai
-clears heat, drains fire
-enriches yin & moistens dryness
-generates fluids
zhi mu
-clears heat & transforms phlegm
-especially good at phlegm nodules
chuan bei mu
-releases exterior
-promotes qi movement & expands the chest
zi su ye
-purges accumulations
-drains fire
-drains heat from blood
-invigorates blood
da huang
-dries damp
-transforms phlegm cold
-causes rebellious qi to descend
-dissipates nodules
zhi ban xia
-expels wind
-eliminates damp
-unblocks nasal passsages & alleviates pain
-expels pus & alleviates discharge, esp vaginal
bai zhi
-vents rashes & alleviates itching
-esp. initial stage measles & pruritic skin eruptions
jing jie
-transforms phlegm heat
-cools lung, stomach and GB
-clears heat & stops vomit
zhu ru
-reduces food stagnation, strengthens stomach
-facilitates smooth flow of liver qi
-inhibits lactation
mai ya
-promotes urination, unblocks painful urinary dribbling
-promotes urination & drains heat from the Heart via the SI
-promotes lactation
mu tong
-transforms damp
-releases exterior
-harmonizes middle burner & stops vomit
huo xiang
-clears damp-heat & promotes urination
-expels damp & stops itching, esp for eczema & scabies
di fu zi