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Substances which dissolvein water are called
soluble substances
When a substance is dissolved in water the liquid is called a solution
when a substance disappears in water it has
This apparatus is used to separate two liquids which do not mix together
separating funnel
Substances which do not dissolve in water are called
insoluble substances
How can you increase the solubility of a substance?
1. Heat
2. Stir
3. Powder Form
Two liquids which mix together are known as?
miscible liquids
What do you call the material left behind in the filter paper?
This method of separation is used to separate inks
Two liquids which do not mix together are known as?
immiscible liquids
You would use this method to separate an insoluble substance e.g. sand from water
This piece of apparatus is used to cool (condense) down steam into a liquid
liebig condenser
Which me3thod would you use to separate a material e.g. salt that has dissolved in water?
This separation process separates two liquids which mix together.It boils the liquid and then condenses it.