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What is the distribution of individuals with Bipolar Disorder and what is associated with each type?
1.3% of US population
0.8% are Bipolar I - Intense episodes of mania, but less severe episodes of depression
0.5% are Bipolar II - Hypomania with more severe episodes of depression
?% Bipolar III - Persons who have a first dgree relative with bipolar.
What is the suicide rate for bipolar disorders?
25% attempt and 15% success
What is the core feature of atypical depression?
Mood Reactivity in addition to two of the following:
Significant weight gain or increased apetite
Leaden paralysis
Long standing pattern of interpersonal rejection sensitivity resulting in significant social or occupational impairement
In a person being treated for bipolar disorder at which time are they most likely to carry out suicide and which type of drug does this event occur more often in?
Suicide is more likely to uccur during switching (going from a depressed mood to a manic episode)
Typically TCAs cause switching more often than Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors
What is an absolute requirement to have mania and what are some other symptoms as well?
To have mania, you MUST have an elevated or irritable mood.
Other symptoms:
Decreased need for sleep
Increased or pressured speech
Flight of ideos or racing thoughts
Increased goal related activity
Risk taking
functional impairment
What is the DSM IV criteria for Manic Episode?
Distinct period of abnormally and persistently elevated, expansive, or irritable mood lasting at least 1 week:
During mood disturbance, 3 or more fo the following
Indiscretion (pleasureable activities)
Flight of Ideas
Activity Increase
Sleep deficit (decreased need)
Talkativeness (pressure speech)
What are the only two mood stabilizers that prevent mania and treat depression that we learned about?
Lamictal and Lithium
What is the only mood stabilizer that is entirely excreted by the kidneys and not metabolized by the liver?
What are the three anti-epileptic medications used to treat bipolar disorder and what are some associated side effects?
Lamictal (lamotrigine) - only mood stabilizer that does NOT cause weight gain. Acquire Stevens Johnson Syndrome
Valproate (Depakote) - Hepatotoxicity and neural tube defects, pancreatitis, polycystic ovarian disease
Carbamepazine - only drug used in psychiatry or neurology that can induce its own metabolism. Aplastic Anemia and Agranulocytosis