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What percentage of people who are depressed will respond to anti-depressants? What about if you give them placebo?
67% for antidepressant
33% for placebo
These statistics true for only first episode (multiple episodes: effectiveness of placebo goes to 0%)
How long is the standard of care with antidepressants following the first episode of depression?
6 months to 1 year
How long does an untreated episode of depression typically last?
6 months or longer
What are the various stages in the treatment of depression?
Acute (6-12 weeks)
Continuation Phase (4-9 months)
Maintenance Phase (>= 1year)
Remission - No symptoms at all
Relapse - appearance of symptoms of depression during the acute or continuation phases. Can occur before the patient has recovered fully from the index episode of depression.
Recurrence - describes the onset of a new episode of depression, after the patient has been well for 6 to 12 months.
How long do the effects of MAOIs last?
A single dose can last for 2 weeks. Therefore, be cautious of residual symptoms for up to 2 weeks after when taking a patient off of the drug.
If you are going to an MAOI for the treatment of depression how long must you wait after the previous drug treatment before starting?
2 weeks for arbitrary antidepressants and 5 weeks for Prozac
How do Tricyclic anti depressants work (TCAs)?
Block reuptake pumps for NE and 5HT (Aside: from Pharm what is another NE reuptake inhibitor that we learned about?.... Starts with a C... ends with an aine... And has a coke in the middle... Thats right... Cocaine!)
SSRIs used for the treatment of depression inhibit a particular enzyme which may affect the levels of other drugs. What enzyme does it affect?
What are some neurotransmitters that affect sexual response?
dopamine increase libido
Prolactine decrease libido
Nitric Oxide and Acetylcholine increase arousal
A decrease in 5HT can cause anorgasmia
What is SSRI withdrawal syndrome?
Discontinuation syndrome
Less than 1% of patients
Seen more frequently with Paxil and Venlafaxine
Characterized by dizziness, parethesias, lethargy, nausea, feel as though electric shock is going through brain and spinal cord
Onset usually within 5 days and can last up to 3 weeks
Usually treat by restarting medictations and tapering off very slowly
Up to how many will have a response with electroconvulsive shock therapy for the treatment of Depression even after failing alternative treatments?