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what are peas
what are pea pods
ripened ovary
what are peas and pea pods together?
what happens to the wall of the ovary as seeds develop? Why?
it thickens to protect the fruit.
example of simple fruit
what does a simple fruit develop from?
a single ovary
example of an aggregate fruit
what does an aggregate fruit develop from
a single flower with several carpels.
example of a multiple fruit
what does a multiple fruit develop from?
many flowers. the ovaries fuse together.
what's the purpose of fruit?
to protect seeds and aid in seed dispersal
four types of seed dispersal
fruit, wind, water, attachment to mover
what are the cuticle and stomata?
openings for CO2 gas exchange
what are the seven adaptations for life of land plants?
cuticle and stomata, roots and shoots, vascular tissue, protected gamete, seeds w/embryo and nutrients, flowers and pollinators, fruit and seed dispersal
what is the purpose of roots and shoots
cellulose and lignin provide structural support