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What are the 5 fields of social studies?
Hint: C.E.H.G.G. "Chad eats hairy gopher guts!"
What is Culture?
Beliefs, customs, laws, art, and ways of living that people share.
Hints Disco
What is Economics?
How people manage their resources by producing, exchanging, and using goods and services. Economics is about choice.
What is Geography?
The study of the earth and the people who live on it.
What is Government?
People and groups within a society that have authority to make laws.
What is limited government?
Everyone must obey the laws
What is unlimited government?
Rulers can do whatever they want. (dictators, totalitarians)
What are the Five themes of Geography?
Lions Really Part More Hair
Geography - Theme One
What is location?
The position of a place on the earth's surface
What is relative location?
The position of a place in reference to another place (my house is two blocks north of HEB)
What is absolute location?
The exact location of a city using longitude and latitude.
Geography - Theme Two
How is a place determined?
"What is it like there?" The features and characteristics that give an area its own personality.
Geopgraphy - Theme Three
Human Interaction with the environment refers to?...
How people use, adapt to, or change their surroundings. Examples are irrigation, fencing in land, clearing a forest, etc.
Geography - Theme Four What is movement?
People interacting across the globe with the movement of people, ideas, and goods. Examples are driving a car built in Japan, sharing a culture brought in from distant countries, using the Internet to share ideas.
Geography - Theme Five What is a region?
A region is an area unified by a similar feature. Examples: mountains, plains, desert.
Review your map of the continents and oceans now.
What is a canyon?
a deep, narrow valley with steep sides.
What is a delta?
A triangular area of land formed from deposits at the mouth of a river.
What is a desert?
A dry area where few plants grow.
What is a mesa?
A wide, flat-topped mountain with steep sides, larger than a butte.
What is a mountain?
A natural elevation of the Earth's surface with steep side and higher than a hill.
What is an oasis?
A spot of fertile land in a desert, supplied with water by a well or a spring.
What is a plateau?
A broad flat area of land higher than surrounding land.
What is a steppe?
A wide, treeless plant.
What is a valley?
Low land between hills or mountains.
What is fertile land in a desert called?
What is the difference between a cape and an island?
A island isn't connected to land and a cape is connected to land.
Which is the only landform that moves?
A glacier
What is the difference between a mesa and a mountain?
A mesa is flat at the top and a mountain is not.
Which landform describes the low land between hills or mountains?
A valley
What is Longitude?
Imaginery lines that run north and south; they are also known as meridians. They show distances in the degrees east or west of the prime meridian.
What is the prime meridian?
The prime meridian is a longitude line that runs from the North Pole to the South Pole through Greenwich, England.
The Prime Meridian is located a _____ degrees longitude?
What is latitude?
Latitude lines are the imaginery lines that run east and west around the globe. They are also known as parallels.
Latitude lines show distances in degrees north or south of the___________
The __________ is a latitude lines that circles Earth halfway between the north and south poles.
The equator.
The tropices of __________ and __________ are parallels that form the boundaries of the tropical zone, a region that stays warm all year.
Cancer & Capricorn
A person who makes maps is called a....?
What are thematic maps?
They focus on specific themes or ideas. Examples: vegatation, population density,
Map projectsion have different ways or showing the earth's _______ _______ on a flat map.
Curved surface
Examples are Mercator projection and Robinson projection.
What is the mercator projection?
For more than 400 years, Mercator Projection was most often shown on maps of the world.
What is the Robinson Projection?
Recently, the Robinson Projection has been used because it shows a more accurate picture.
What are the differences between the Mercator projection and the Robinson projection?
1. The Robinson projection is curved on the sides and the Mercator Projection isn't.
2. The continents on the Robinson Projection is bigger, the mercator is not.
What do we call the two sets of lines that geographers have created to help locate places on a map or globe?
Latitude and Longitude
What are the two lines that divide the earth into the Northern and Southern Hemisphere and the Eastern and Western Hemispheres?
Equator, Prime Meridian
What percentage of the earth's surface is covered by water?
Name all four oceans...
What percentage of the water found on the earth is fresh water?
What are the three stages of the water cycle?
1. Evaporation
2. Condensation
3. Precipitation
Name all seven continents
North America
South America
What are the four basic types of landforms found on the earth?
Island & Peninsulas
What name have geographers given to the movement of the continents over millions of years?
Continental Drifts
Where woul you be more likelyh to find a large population center; on top of a high mountain, or on a coastal plain?
Coastal Plain
What is a title on a map?
The title indicates the subject of the map and tells you what information it contains.
Describe the symbols on maps
Symbols may stand for capital cities, economic activities, or natural resources.
What do colors indicate on a map?
Colors show a variety of information on a map. The map legend tells what the colors mean.
What are labels used for on maps?
They are words and phrases thta name features on the map.
What are lines of longitude?
Imaginary lines that show distances east and west of the prime meridian.
What are the lines of lattitude?
Imaginery lines that show distances north and south of the equator.
What is a Legend (or key)
Lists that explain the symbols and colors used on the map.
What is the compass rose?
The compass rose shows you north (N), south (S), east (E), and west (W)on the map. Sometimes only North is shown.
What is the scales
The scale compares a unit of length on the map and a unit of distance on the earth.
Study the Time Zone Map
NOW!!! RUN!!!!! STUDY IT!!!!
What time zone is Austin, TX located in?
What time zone is Los Angeles, CA in?
What time zone is Atlanta Georgia located in?
What time is Phoenix, Arizona located in?