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Name four tabs of the Properties Dialog Box
1) General

2) Advanced

3) Driver

4) Resources
Name 4 steps of the DHCP Process.
1)IP Request - Client sends IP request, requesting DHCP server.
2)IP Offer - DHCP server sends DHCP offer message offering and IP address for short period of time.
3)IP Selection - Client selects offer broadcasts, indicates selection.
4)IP Acknowledgement - DHCP server sends acknowledgement.
List 3 ways to test IP configuration.
1) IP config

2) Ping

3) NBSTAT command
Name 3 advanced TCP/IP options that can be configured.
1) DHCP (Dynamic Host Control Protocol)

2) DNS (Domain Naming Service)

3) WINS (Windows Internet Name Service)
Name four benefits of TCP/IP.
1)It is the required protocol for Internet access.
3)Fault Tolerant
4)Its companions offer advanced functionality.
Windows XP supports what three network protocols?

2) NWLinkIPX/SPX/NetBios

3) NetBEUI
What is the main function of NWLink?
It acts as transport protocol to run packets through networks.
What is the estimated percentage of all network problems related to cabling?
It is estimated that 85% of all network problems are related to cabling.
How are WINS servers used?
They are used to resolve NETBIOS names to IP addresses.
Name 3 general problem areas for network adapters.
1) Hardware

2) Driver software

3) Network protocols
How are DNS servers used?
They are used to resolve host names to IP addresses.
What are network adapters?
Network adapters are the hardware used to connect computers or other devices to the network.
After a network adapter has been installed, how do you configure it?
1) Right-click My network Places, choose properties.

2) Right-click Local Area Connections, choose General tab, click configure.