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the hottest christmas gift this year is the Nintendo DS
the second hottest christmas gift this year is the Apple 20 GB ipod
the 3rd hottest toy this season is the Microsoft Xbox
the 4th hottest christmas gift is the iQuest
the 5th and final hottest gift this season is the V-Smile
the hottest gifts in the UK are as followed
the hottest fragrances for women are Gocci, Ghost Serenity, and Estee Lauders Beyond Paradise
the best for men are Gucci, Kenzo Air, and Baldessarini and Edition from Hugo Boss
for him or her there are Burberry Touch, Chanel, and Hugo Boss
a favorite for men is the Laz boy King of All Chairs with built-in fridge, phone, massager and heater
The robotic buddy everyone wants - developed by NASA scientists, with an amazing 67 functions!
this is a favorite for everyone over 16 the New Road Angel 74% fewer speeding endorsements and 50% fewer accidents with the UK’s No.1 road safety system
battery bowered things are making a come back! The Razor E battery-powered scooter is sure to be hot, as is the Fisher Price Power Wheels Go-Cart, and other electric or battery-powered 'toys' that translate into transportation fun!
remote control operated things are soon to be getting around your house! Hobbytron's remote control stunt cars are hot, hot, hot, and there are remote control boats, hovercrafts and various kinds of action figures
the classic kids toys that is comin back are still here are Barbie and other Disney character toys, games and accessories are on top of the list.
another classic toy that is coming back is the EasyBake oven
an educational touy is the Leapfrog Enterprises, Inc. has burst on the scene with junior computer games called 'LeapPad' that will definitely be one of the season's hottest Christmas toys.
Other creative and educational games include the classic Fisher Price toddler's line, and Discovery Toys.