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What must come at the beginning of every xhtml page?
the doctype: DTD

How does an xhtml document separate content and form?
With the use of CSS

"Cascading style sheets"
Why did they change from the good old html?
So you can more easily move
your website towards supporting a broad range of devices.
What are the main differences between xhtml and html 4.0?
XHTML requires that you close your tags, use lowercase, nest your tags properly and use well formed code.
What is the proper structure of a webpage?
What is CSS or "Cascading Style Sheets?"
A new way of formatting your page layout, text, fonts, images, and almost anything you put on the page.
What are the "building blocks" of xhml?
Elements and tags
What is an "element?"
Elements are made up of two tags; a start tag and an end tag. Between these tags is the element content.
Can tags be typed in UPPER CASE in xhtml?
No, all tags must be in lower case.
What is an "empty element?"
A single tag with a slash at the end of the tag shows that it is an empty element:
<br />, for example
What does it mean that xhtml must be properly "nested?"
The first tag is the last to be closed. The second tag is second to last to be closed and so on.
Why is xhtml so hard to learn?
It's not. Once you have used XHTML for a short time, it is no more difficult to use than HTML.
What are the basic differences between html and xhtml?
XHTML documents stress logical structure and simplicity, and use CSS for nearly all presentational concerns.
Are there differences in the way I'm supposed to display images?
Yes. Now you must add alternative text and a self-closing endslash:
<img src="header.gif" alt=" " />
Anything new about adding text?
Yes. All text needs to be within a suitable containing block-level element, such as a "p", a "ul" or a "div."