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Lateral skull
10 x 12 LW
40" SID
Erect or semiprone
EAM over bucky center
IOML // to horiz. axis of film plane
IPL perp. to film plane
CR perp. & centered 2" above EAM
Blocker follows nose
Marker anterior
PA Skull
10 x 12LW
40" SID
Erect or prone
Head and Nose touch bucky
MS perp. to film
OML perp. to film
CR exits nasion
Blocker bottom
Marker in inferior rt/lt lat. film margin
PA Axial Caldwell
Sames position as PA Skull
37" SID
CR angled 15º caudal
CR exits through nasion
top of film level with nasion
Blocker bottom
Marker in inferior rt/lt lat. margin
AP Axial - Towne
10x12 LW
33" -34" SID
seated erect or supine
Flex neck and chin to bring OML perp. to film
top of film level with vertex
If OML is perp. > angle CR 30º caudal
CR enters 2" - 2 1/2" above glabella
If OML cannot be perp. then place IOML perp. and angle CR 37º caudal.
Blocker bottom
Marker top rt/lt lateral film margin
SMV Schuller method (Supine)
10 x12 LW
SID varies
Elevate torso to allow extension of neck to place IOML // to film
Vertex in contact with film
MS perp to film
CR is perp. to IOML
Cephalic angle will vary w/ pt ability to extend neck
CR enters between mandible angles passing 3/4" ant. to EAM
SMV Schuller Method (Seated)
with the pt seated, have pt lean back and extend neck to place the IOML // to film
MS perp. to film
CR enters between mandible angles, 3/4" ant. to EAM
Blocker top
Marker opposite side of blocker