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In what condition Decrease in lung space and
will see deviation of the fissures
5 pathophysiological types of Atelectasis
Obstructive,compressive , adhesive, passive, cicatrization
Which type of atelactasis?
- most common cause of atelectasis
- when a bronchus is obstructed by a neoplasm, respiratory debris.
- that portion of the lung slowely collapses
obstructive (by neoplasm, respiratory debris)
enlarged heart, pleural effusion, tumor --- causes what type of atelectasis
which type of atelectasis?
- occurs when the airways acturally open, but the tissues inthe pulmonary lobule is not able to open the Alveoli.
The walls of the Alveoli are sticking together because there isnot enough Surfactant production
Which types of Atlectasis?
- From either a Pneumothorax or a Hydrothorax
- causes a compensatory Atelectasis
which type of atelatasis?
- scar tissue (usually from healed TB)
what is it?
- opposite of consolidation
- Too much air in the lung
- air cann't get out
- patient is star4ving for air
What are x-ray finding of Emphysema?
- hyper-lucency of lung
- expansion of lung (barrel chested)
- diaphragm is too low (lower than 10th or 11th rib)
- flat diaphragm
- less visualization of the pulmonary vessels
what are x-ray finding of atlectasis?
-opacity in a Segmental/lobar pattern (consolidation will also do this)
- pull other structure towards it.
What is air bronchogram sign?
- in atelectasis
- allows you to see the consolidation within the lung!!
- will see branching Black lines instead of branching white lines!
What is Bronchography?
- A radio-opaque dye is introduced into the bronchial tree then further inhaled
- then an X-rya is taken
- only one lung at a time.
- it is contrast study
What is interstitial Disease
- fluid accumulating in the interstitial tissues
- Kurly's B line
What is Kurley's B lines
increased opacification inthe intersittial tissues rather then the Alveoli
What is atlectasis?
incomplete filling of the lung
In which condition and DZ will pull/suck all other structures towards it?
- atlectasis (DZ)
- consolidation (condition)
- Interstitial Disease.
Kurley's B lines
- Border obliteration
the silhuouette sign