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Italy Japan and Germany
signed a treaty to link together
-leader of italy
-leader of violent political party
-told rome that he will reestablish the roman empire
-italy is weakest of 3
-attacked ethiopia for gold
-quickly modernized
-power struggle between military and political leadership
-attacked manchuria for their resources
-league of nations critisized Japan for this and they left
-Leader of Germany
-began to establish political party Nazi
-took advantage of economic problem and tells germans that they were wronged and will help get power back
-gets law making power
-becomes dictator
-creates camps for prisoners
-arrests leadership of communist parties newspaper editors, any threat to them
-Hitler begins to rebuild army and rearming the army

Churchill critisized Europe for not stopping Hitler

Germany had Rich natural resources so they could rebuild army
What did germany do to Rhineland
they just went there and took it back

used to be theirs but france took it after WWI

Munich conference
Hitler wanted it

Munich(British Primeminister) went there and worked out that if Hitler gets the sudatan land back, he will be satisfied.

sign of appeasment
Neutrality Acts

1935, 1936, 1937
designed to prevent America from going to war

1.cant sell weapons to countries that are at war
2.cant travel on ships that are with the country at war
3.can't loan money to countries at war
Hitler wanted poland
deamnded that a section of poland should be given back to hitler

England and France ask Russia to try and stop Hitler from getting Poland

Russia already signed a treaty with Germany
Russo-German treaty- not fight eachother

German attacks Poland
Neutrality act of 1939
begining of america moving toward WWII

-allow democratic countries to buy weapons but they have to come and get it and with cash
Panay-American Gun Boat
at river in China

bombed by japanese airplanes
japan apologizes
Germany invades France
French builds fortifications
-germany goes around
-france surrenders

public opinions to change
Germany battles Britain
-england began getting bombed by germany
-england saved by radars which allows them to know when german airplanes are coming
-they bomb english cities killing many civilians
-churchill asks roosevelt for help

Roosevelt does the Destroyer Deal
-gives 50 destroyers to England in exchange for letting America use their english military base
Lend Lease
U.S. loan military equipment to countries fighting against dictatorship
-unofficial declaration of war
-England, china, russia gets landlease
Arsonal of Democracy
U.S.'s ability to produce all weapons that would defeat the dictatorship
Germany attacks Russia
-Stalin is surprised
-gets land lease and fights Germany
Atlantic Charter
Churchill prepare for plan when america will enter the war
-agree that:
-need an organization for international peace

U.S. puts trade embargo on products such as oil to japan
Since Japan didnt want U.S. to interfere, they...
...attack pearl Harbor
-congress votes for war except for jeannette rankin
Battle of the Coral Sea
-in australia
-first time no ships fired at other ships
-aircrafts firing at other ships
-indicate of aircraft carrier is most important
-more powerful than naval fleet
Battle of midway
most important battle in pacific

midway->islands about 1000miles west of Hawaii
-Japan wants to capture them
-U.S. breaks the japanese code -> learn their plans
-our planes locate them before they locate us and destroyed them
-big lost to japan, caused them for fighting defensive war
Island Hopping
U.s. had to get close enough to bomb japan
no planes could fly that far
had to capture islands in a string to get closer to japan

1st island captured: Guadal canal

last island captured: Okinawa
80,000 casualties
closer the U.s. got to japan the fiercer the fighting
Battle of Leyte Gulf
largest naval battle in history b/c it had the most ships
-U.S. take back phillipine islands w/ this battle

War Production Board

Office of War Information

Unemployeement is virtually gone


War Production Board: helps factories convert to wartime products such as cars, shoe factories
-made sure raw materials got to the factories that needed them

Office of War Information
-radio broadcasts

Unemployeement is gone
-dont have the ability to consume
-during WWII americans save a lot of money
-war bonds

easier because we done it before
Manhattan Project

U.S. Atomic Bombs Hiroshima and nagasaki
creating nuclear weapons
Lesley Grebes was in charge

U.S. Atomically bombs hiroshima and japan surrenders after 2nd bomb in nagasaki
What were the problems of the first year in war?
they kept bombing merchant ships
u.s. created sonars and that got rid of the problem.
North Africa battle

Italy battle




Battle of the Bulge

Crossing the Rhine
between Germany and U.S.
Eisenhower:leader of army
led first american troops to africa

Marshall:ultimate leader
supreme allied commander, both american and england troops combined

Germans wanted to capture Suez Canal
-U.S. and England stops Germany
-allied armies control medeterrainian sea

Next target: Italy
U.S. invades Italy
-Italy surrenders because by this time mussolini is already executed

-now its just U.S. England vs. germany

-U.S. captures rome
-means that U.s. can now fly bombing raids to lower half of germany

-U.s. becomes allies with Russia
stalin wants U.S. and England to create second front so that germany would have to fight against two
-second front established in Normandy, France

Battle of the Bulge
-last offensive war by the Germans
-fun out of fuel so they cant fight anymore

Crossing the Rhine
-U.S. and British forces enter German Territory
-Berlin is surrounded
-Russia goes in and fights viciously

-1945 Germany surrenders
Congress of racial Equality
tried to stop the jim crow laws
A.Phillip Randolph
union leader that threatened to march to washington d.c. protesting

Roosevelt created the Fair Employment Practicies Committee
-no discrimination for hiring
3 major meetings between big 3- stalin england and u.s


Result of World War Two
-for planning war strategies->second front plan for U.N.
-plan what to do with germany

Russia declare war on Japan
-drop bombs

Roosevelt got Stalin to agree that Eastern European countries could have free elections
-elections were never held
-eastern nations had Russia as the sphere of influence
-russia made sure they all had a communist government
-U.S. didnt do anything or else there would be another war
-Stalin creates a Buffer Zone

-50 million people die
-formation of UN
-World left with two superpowers: Russia and THe UNITED STATES