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Battle of Buldge
Last ditch effort by the Germans to keep the Allies out of Germany
Invasion of Soviet Union
Code name was operation Barbarosa
Invasion of Poland
Blitzkrieg used for first time
August 15,1945
V-J Day
September 2,1945
formal surrender of Japanese
Battle of Dunkirk
300,000 British and French men escaped France
Battle for Palermo
When the Allies took this city they had control of the island Sicily
Battle of Leyte Gulf
Douglas Mac Arthur was able to return to the Philipines as promised
storm troopers
were apart of the SS, wore brown shirts and beated up Jews
Navajo indians
helped US secretly comunicate with their language without Japanese ever cracking the code
Battle of Midway
Four Japanese Aircraft carriers were destroyed
Josef Stanlin
Dictator of Soviet Union in WWII
wolf pack
5-12 German U-boats. Weren't very effsetive because of radar and the airplane
August 6,1945
Hiroshima is hit by the Atomic bomb
Battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa
Kamikazes were used as weapons for the 1st time
Battle of Leyte Gulf
Douglas Mac Arthur was able to return to the Philipines as promised
Winston Churchill
Prime minister of England during WWII
Benito Mussolini
il Duce
Adolf Hitler
Der Furer
December 7, 1941
Pearl Harbor attack
May 8, 1945
V-E day
April 30,1945
Hitler commits suicide
June 6, 1944
April 12, 1945
FDR died
September 1,1939
Poland is invaded by Germany
Invasion of Normady
Code name was Operation Overload
George Patton
Tank commander for US
Bataan Death March
Aliied troops surrendered in the Philippines on April 9, 1942. Japanese took their prisoners and forced them to march to a prison camp nearly 60 miles away.
Battleship Missouri
where the formal surrender of Japanese took place.
August 9,1945
Nagasaki is hit by the Atomic Bomb
Douglas Mac Arthur
Allied commender in the pacific from 1941-1945
Fat Man & Little Boy
bombs created in the Manhattan project that were dropped on Japan under President Truman
442nd Army divison
a group of Japenese service men who fought in the war to prove their loyalty to Americans
Harry S. Truman
president who gave orders to use atomic bombs on Japan
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Allied commander from 1944-1945
Bernard Montgomery
Tank commander for Britsh
Erwin Rommel
Desert Fox