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Cause of WWI: The Alliance System. AJP Taylor
Alliances were so fragile that they cannot be seen as a mejor cause of war
Cause of WWI: The Alliance System. Schmit
The alliances which had originally served as the cause of peace when put to the final test operated to convert a local quarrel into a general war
Cause of WWI: The Balkans. Martel
The assassination of Archduke Ferdinand was the final straw in the struggle for mastery in the Balkans
Cause of WWI: Militarism. AJP Taylor
WWI was almost entirely caused by the rical plans for mobilisation by European powers
Cause of WWI: Impertialism. Fischer
Germany deliberately engineered the war in pursuit of expansionist aims
The League of Nations. J.A.S. Grenville
The strength of the League depended on its members and not the rules and procedures laid down; to be sure if these had been applied and observed they most likely would have preserved peace
The League of Nations. Ruth Henig
It is hardly surprising that the League should have failed to make a significant polictical impact. Without the United States and Russia, the League was nto a truly world-wide organisation.
The League of Nations. A.J.P.Taylor
There was a deep, underlying divergence between England and France as to the nature of the League
The League of Nations. David Thomas
In its supreme purpose of keeping peace, the League failed. In both structure and membership, as well as the circumstances of its birth, it was ill-adapted to this purpose
The League of Nations. David Thomas
The failure of the United States to become a member of the League, combined with the exclusion from it of Germany and Russia, was decisive in making the League a mere buttress of the existing settlement
Causes of WWII: Treaty of Versailles Failed. James Joll
Europe was dicided by the peace conference into those who wanted the peace recised [Germany, Italy, Japan, and Hungary] and those who wanted it unheld [France, Poland, Czechoslovakia], and those who were not that interested [USA and UK]
Causes of WWII: Treaty of Versailles Failed. A..P.Taylor
WWII was a war over the settlement of Versailles; a war that had been implicity when the First World War ended because the peace makers had not solved the German problem
Causes of WWII: Treaty of Versailles Defended. Ruth Henig
a credible achievement that eventually failed because of the reluctance of the victors to enforce it
Causes of WWII: Hitler. Lord Dacre
WWII was part of a master plan laid out in Mein Kampf.
Causes of WWII: Hitler. Klaus Hildebrad
Idea of a stage by stage (Stufenplan) plan
Causes of WWII: Hitler. Karl Dietrich Bracher
Idea of Hitler as an all powerful dictator as a myth, he had to respond spontaneously
Causes of WWII: Hitler. Martin Broszat
WWII occurred because of a desire to kkeep up the momentum of the Nazi regime
Causes of WWII: German Policy (Nazis a freak of history). Meinecke
Hitler and his Nazi Party had no deep roots in German History
Causes of WWII: German Policy (Nazis a freak of history). Ritter
Ant Semitism and social Darwinism were importaed from outside Germany
Causes of WWII: German Policy (was traditional). A.J.P. Taylor
It was no more of a mistake for te German people to end up with Hitler than it is an accident when a river flows into the sea
Causes of WWII: German Policy (was Traditional). Namier
German desire to dominate Europe was the single major factor in both world wars
Causes of WWII: Appeasement (Against Chamberlain). Wheeler Bennett
Chamberlain failed to appreciate that war is sometimes preferable to peace at any price
Causes of WWII: Appeasement (Against Chamberlain). Middlemass
Chamberlain was not a coward but practiced diplomacy of illusion (that Hitler could be reasoned with)
Causes of WWII: Appeasement (Against Chamberlain). The guilty men "Cato"
Chamberlain simply gve in to Hitler in a cowardly manner and therefore allowed him to get too far
Causes of WWII: Appeasement (For Chamberlain). David Dilks
Appeasement hoped for the best but prepared for the worst
Causes of WWII: Appeasement (For Chamberlain). A.J.P. Taylor
Appeasement was the correct policy, Chamberlain's only mistake was to abandon it
Extract from Mein Kampf: Germany obtaining Lang
If land was desired in Europe, it could be obtained by and large only at the expense of Russia
Extract from Mein Kampf: Germany being a world power
Germany will either be a world power or there will be no Germany
Extract from Mein Kampf: Darwinism
Every healthy, vigorous people sees nothing sinful in territorial acquisition, but something quite in keeping with nature.
Extract from The Four Year Plan, 1936: Bolshevism
Bolshevism is the elimination of those strata of mankind which have hitherto provided the leadership and their replacement by worldwide Jewry
Extract from Hossbach Memorandum: Germany's time table
It was his unalterable resolve to solve Germany's problem of space at the latest by 1943-45.