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Great Britain, France, Russia, Japan, Italy
Land that France lost in Franco-Prussian War(1870)
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Austro-Hungarian assassinated by Gavrilo Princip(Black Hand) on June 28,1914 in Sarajevo, Bosnia.(wife, Sophie also assassinated)
Agreement to stop fighting between new German Gov. and Marshall Foch. Sighned in railway car near Paris on nov 11, 1918. End of War
large guns.

Beginning of War
Shells(to kill via shrapnel)
Shells(to break up barbed wire)
Phosphorous Flare
Signal Flares

Creeping Barrage(soldiers follow behind steady fire)
Targeted Barrage(lure in enemy by first shooting at them, while you point extra guns at their artillary, stop, and when enemy goes back to surface, shoot them)
Central European country, not very industrialised. Central Power.
Area near Med. sea. close to Dardanelles(Russia wants it)
Baltic Sea
Ice Port. Russia, Germany, Sweden share it.
Invaded by Ger. after they refused to allow Ger. soldiers to pass through to attack France's unprotected northern border.
Berlin Conference
Big Four
most Influencial Delegates at th eparis Peace Conference.
Woodrow Wilson(United States)
Georges Clemenceau(France)
David Loyd George(Great Britain)
Vittorio Orlando(Italy)
Black Hand
Secret society commited to ridding Bosnia of Austrian Rule.(Gavrilo Princip member)
Black Sea
Sea between Russia, Ottoman Empire, and Balkans
In 1917 Ger. experienced food shortage as reult of a crop failure and a British naval blockade. Germany announces that their submarines will sink, without warning, any boat in waters around Britain.
IOUs issued by governments to raise money. You pay money now and it it will be redeemable for more money later.
Balkan(Slavic) Country annexed by Austria. Serbia(supported by Russia) wanted rule them. This caused tension between Russia, Serbia, Bosnia against Austria-Hungary, Germany
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk
Russian offers Germany a truce after V.I. Lenin seizes power. March 1918 signed between Russia and Germany. Bad for Russia who lost Finland, Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.
Great Britain
Highly Industrialized nation with great Navy and Nat. resources. Allie
Central Powers
Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Ottoman Empire
Key strategic area in Balkans. part of Ottoman Empire. Slavic, conflict. Conquering it would ensure access to Russia and a supply line(Warm water port)
David Loyd George
British Rep. at Paris Peace Conference.
Member of big four
Donald Fraser
Canadian soldier,
"Dulce et decorum est"
POEM, Brutal and horrific depiction of war.
condems war
Eastern Front
Attacked(russia) second in schlieffen Plan after France b/c Russia would be slow to mobilize.
included Russia, Austria-Hungary, other eastern European countries
14 Points
1918, Woodrow Woilson drew up a series of proposals outlining the establishment ofa just and lasting peace. Guiding idea was "Self Determination".

-End to secret treaties
-Freedom of the seas
-Free trade
-Reduced national armies and navies
-Adjustment of colonial claims with increased fairness to colonial peoples.
-(rest) changing borders and creating new nations
Ally, Western Front, Battle of the marne, see countries PPT
Fritz Kriesler
Austro-Hungarian, Vienna, Talks about lack of anxiety and romanticized idea of war during its beginning, also Nationalism
Gallipoli Campaign
Effort to take Dardanelles by Brits, Aussies, Kiwis and Frenchies, in 1915.
Gavrilo Princip
Assassin of Franz and Sophie Ferdinand
Geopolitics is the art and practice of using political power over a given territory.
analysis of geography, history and social science with reference to spatial politics and patterns
Georges Clemenceau
French Prime minister (one of Big Four)
Highly industrialized nation run by Kaiser Wilhelm
Henri Barbusse
French Soldier, wrote aboiut artillary barrage and front
Jewel in G.B.'s crown
med. Nation, not vary industrialised. part of Triple Alliance
Kaiser Wilhelm II
German Kaiser. Siezed power from Bismark.proud and stubborn. self righteous
League of Nations
Int. Association whose goal was to keep peace. Inc. U.S., G.B., Fr, JP,IT as exec. council. gen assembly consisted of 32 nations excluding Germany, and Russia. Created as part of 14 Points
"Lost Generation"
metaphor for pointless death and suffering of war.
8.5 million died
21 million wounded