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Triple Alliance
Germany-Austria –Italy
Triple Entente
Britain – France - Russia
Causes of WWI
1. Nationalism
2. International
3. Imperialism
4. Weariness of Peace
5. Assasination of Franz Ferdinand
In Sping of 1917 What 2 events changed the course of WWI
1. The Toppling of the Czarist government in Russia
2. The US enters the war
German Consequences of WWI
1. Versailes Treaty - Paragrapgh 231- Reparations
Changes to home goverments because of war
1. Government control of the Economy
2. The demands on men & women cnaged the norms for what was acceptable to both
How many revolutions did Russia experience in 1917?
Two one with out trosky and one with
The Russian Civil war was a conflict between the?
The Reds and the Whites
John Manard Keyes
(1883-1946) British economist proved to be the most influential economic theorist of the century.
Totalitarian Governments have these thing in common
1. a Single leader
2. Appeals to one's emotions not Logic
3. The collective would be all; the individual, nothing.
Who was the first totalitarian leader?
Benito Mussolini (IL Duce) –Came to power in 1922 & pulled off a bloodless coup by inducing the weak King Victor Emmanuel II to appoint him as premier.
The Germaqn Government of the 1920s was called?
The Weimar Republic
The economic Plan in the 1920s to ease the burden of German Reparations is called?
The Dawes Plan
The "Final Solution" for the resolution of the Jewish question occured at?
Wannsee Conference