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What is the causes of World War one?
the spark is the assasination of Archduke Ferdinand, but what set it up is:

1. alliances
2.arms race
What are the Conventions that were held which had something to do with WWI?
#1 Hague convention
Czar of Russia holds this to try to solve disputes of country

#2 Hague convention
create rules of war
-no torturing of P.O.W.
-no involving civilians
-cant attack hospitals

Geneva Convention
certain things that wouldnt be done in war such as gas
tries to invade france, but they have to go through belgium first. belgium doesn't agree, so germany just invades belgium too. England got mad so they enter war.

they want paris. don't succeed
machine gun-killed many people
Airplane-mostly for gathering info
tanks-not very effective
submarines-bombed merchant ships
gas-later outlawed by the geniva convention
outcome of WWI.
who took over?
enormous losses.which forces czar to resign.

temporary government rules for 6 months.

Bolshevicks take over.
got out of WWI
signed treaty w/ Germany
-gave them land
-allowed them to send troops to western front
American Neutrality

why does it change?
At first, this is what Wilson wanted.

eventually, their opinions turn against Germany.

-submarines target merchant ships
-civilians victimized.

Lusitania(passenger ship)
-german submarine bombs it
-civilians die
-wilson tells them to stop bombing


Sussex Pledge:
-if bombs another boat, U.S. will break diplomatic relations w/ Germany
go to war.

Germany breaks it because they know that U.S. will enter the war, just a matter of time.

U.S. also lends money to England and France this is an act that the American neutrality ended.
Zimmerman Telegram
Germany to Mexico that if they help Germany battle U.S., they will earn back some of the land that U.S. took before.

causes Wilson to go to Congress for Declaration of War
-all congress says yes except Jeanette Rankin, first women congress, against war
What is mobilization.
what does it create. ie. programs boards.
Mobilization-take country's resources and focus them towards winning war

War Industries Board
headed by Bernard Baruch
-an Umbrella Agency that oversees all war Agencies
Make sures that important industries recieves all their raw materials

Labor Board
-prevents strikes

George Creel- Committee of Public information
-tries to sell the idea that American public's sacrifices are necessary
-advertises basically.
speeches, poems, psters, movies, songs, pamphlets
Why do people need to go to War?
believes that there is an opportunity to create a democratic world

-wanted "peace without victory"
Esponage and Sedition Laws
made it a crime for interferring w/ the war
Urban League

Shift in African American
ads for workers to go to northern factories-created a migration to north

Urban league-
help A.A. make transition from farming to city living
How did U.S. pay for war?
they sold bonds.
John J. Pershing
commander of american forces

wanted american soldiers to be led by american officers.
What happened when U.S. arrived in war?

Alvin York
Germans get pushed back and they surrender later

-killed 100 germans by himself WAR HERO
Wilson's 14 Points
14 points-collective securities
list of ideas and proposals wilson belived would end future wars.

-no secret treaties
-no tariffs

-creation of an international orginization to protect libert= if any member were attacked, the others would aid them
Treaty of Versailles
wilson-wanted league of nations
France-wanted protection from germany
England-wanted german arms downsized

treaty re-conciles map of europe

Conditions of Treaty to Germany:
-accept all fault for war
-required to pay 30-50 billion to U.S. England, France
-land taken away and gave it to other countries
-German military abolished

Effects for Germany
-Ruins german economy for a decade
-gives germany a reason for revenge
Henry Cabot Lodge?
Wilson's mistake?
What made congress against treaty
chairman of U.S. senate foreign relations committee got mad at wilson

1. broke dem. and rep. alliance w/ "october appeal"
2.didnt consult any reps when went to treaty.

took war making power away from congres b/c i tsent U.S. soldiers into battles w/other countries
2 results of Senate not signing treaty
1) league of nations very ineffective
2) U.S. rejects opporutnity to become a world leader.