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Archduke- too old to visit so instead Ferdinand and his wife came.
Birtch Toll
Gave the ten point altamatum. Very signif. to the cause of the war.
Wilson got re- elected because:
"He Kept us out of war" he was a peace maker but had to break his promise. "A peace with out Victroy"
Woodrow Wilson
President at the time said that US was neutral and we did not want to go to war.
America's reaction to the War
Some worried because we had many immigrants that were from over there. They had strong ties with family and home. Some found the war romantic and a Manly Adventure. Volunteered their time.
Who said "A peace with out Victory?"
Submarine warefare...
The Germans were creating suprise attacks with no warning. Wilson said that if they hurt Americans, you will be held with strict recountability.
May 7th 1915- 128 Americans dead. They had warned a high risk and people still went. Williams Jennings Bryant said to post a letter to not travel and Wilson didnt and Willaims left. Still boats were being sunk and people were dying even after Germany said they planned to stop.
Triple Entente-
Great B, France, Russia
April 6- because armed neutrality would no longer protect us. The Zimmerman note cant trust Germany. America could proved peace and a peaceful ending. Russia had changed gov so now we had more to back us up.
Triple Alliance-
Germany, Italy, and Austria-Hungry
What day was Ferdinand killed?
June 15, St. Vitus Anniversay
Black Hand
Unions of Death