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Nickname for an infantryman in WW1.
Fourteen points-
constitutional amendment 1868 that guarantees civil rights and equal protection of laws to citizens
Ruler with unlimited governing power.
American Expeditionary Force
Us Troops in WW1 including draftees, volunteers, and the National Guard.
Self Determination
Freedom of a group of people to determine thier own political status; proposed by president Wilson for ethnice groups in Austria-Hungary after win.
Kaiser Wilhelm-
Emperor of Germany during WW1, symbol to the US caused by $ spend on illigal immigration.
Versailles Treaty
Agreement in 1919 eding WW1; included huge war reparation to be paid by Germany.
Central Powers
combination of Germany and Austria- Hungary in WW1; opponents of the Allies.
Liberty Bond-
Certificates issued by the US to raise money to loan to the allies during WW1
Payments for economic injury exacted from a defeated enemy.
Industrial Workers of The World-
Radical Labor Org, of early 1900's to over throw the capitalist system, aka wobblies.
Zimmerman Note
Telegram intercepted from a German official offering to help Mexico regain Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona if the US enter WW1. Increased presssure of the US to enter the war.
League of Nations
Organization proposed by wilson after WW1 in the hopes of joining nations together for peace and security.
U- Boat-
Submarine of the German navy; introduced during WW1.
British Passenger ship sunk by German U- Boats in 1915.
cease fire during a war, particularly at the end of WW1 in 1918.
The comination of Russia, France, Great Britian, and later the US in WW1.