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A young woman who loved & was loved by Cupid & was united w/ him after Venus's jealousy was overcome. She subsequently became the personification of the soul.
Psyche Definition
1.The spirit or soul 2.Psychiatry. The mind functionaing as the center of thought, emotion, & behavior & consciously adjusting or mediating the body's responses to the social or physical environment.
God of love in all its manifestations. He was the oldest of the gods, born from CHAOS but personifying harmony. In most stories, he was son of Venus & Mars. Was represented as a winged youth armend with bow & arrows.
Fertility goddess of ancient Egypt: wife & sister of the god Osiris: cult of her worship ^ during Hellenistic period until 4th century AD. She is "The mother of All Things" & "Queen of Heaven" Isis appealed to people she represented cosmic order & protection against the power of Fortune.
Goddess who was widely worshipped by the 3rd century BC. She was universally sovereign over mortals & immortals alike. She was capricious & ambiguous; She has double nature, positive & negative. She is a feminine personification in the process of transformation.
Metaphor of Battle/Love
Invisibility- love is intangible, Tricky
Golden Ass
By: Apuleius
Nature of storytelling-used in text. Language is unyielding. Reflection of Rome's decline. Stretched too far.
Golden Ass
By: Apuleius
Nature of storytelling-used in text. Language is unyielding. Reflection of Rome's decline. Stretched too far.
Golden Ass Reflection of Rome's Decline
Bad things happen, Robbery, wives killing husbands, lawlessness, immortality, Priests/Fraud, Infidelity
Nature of Storytelling
Narrative, told to organize events, Episodic narrative. We tell stories of days event, story format to put it in order and make sense.
Lucius as Everyman
Represents ideas, upper class & his desire to learn about magic at first, curious human nature, Mental trans- formation to normal man, humble, suffers emotionally/physicallly, basic fears.
Lucius-upper class to middle class
Charite-Only woman wasn't adultress
Thepolemus-Charite(charity's) Husband
Osiris-God brother of Isis
Photis-Witch that turns him into ass
World beyond Rome & Advent of Christiantiy
Christianity takes over Western Culture Christianity different from Hebrew. Strict, sacrifice for diff. sins, sufferering(spiritual /physical). Jews more about community than individual. Monotheism.
Christianity Cultural Context
Alienation within Roman Empire.
Universalism in philosophy.
Various sect of Judism: Sadduces, Pharisees, Essenes, Zealots
Most conservative, stric interpretation of mosaic law, wealthy, most influential. Don't believe in resurrection. God deals ...
Most liberal, life after death.
Most rebellious, defended temple until defeated.
Beauty serves wholly religious purpose by making words beautiful. Clearly defined technique. Sculpted form.