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What is our American legal tradition?
the body (male) is sacred and inviolate
in the US, ___ of pregnancies end in abortion.
the only modern (20th century) method in birth control is..
the rhythm method
what is coitus interruptus?
pull-out method
what is the rhythm method?
trying to get pregnant by keeping track of menstrual cycle
abandoning the baby after its born
what is the quickening?
the first moment when the mother feels fetal movement (usually 4-5th month)
history of abortions
post 1973
1880s: abortion illegal
1960-73 movement to restore
1973- roe v wade
who's Margaret Sanger?
New Woman; tried to reestablish birth control; helped immigrant women
What's JANE?
in chicago, get the phone number and ask fro "Jane" which meant abortion.
rules of Roe v Wade
1st tri: state may make NO laws
2nd: state may regulate for health and safety of mother
3rd: state may outlaw if chooses except if rape or health of mom
Whats the National Right to Life committee?
a non-violent catholic organization
Whats the Pro-life action network?
supports the use of violence but dont engage in it
What's Operation rescue?
believes all birth control and abortions should be outlawed and should restore biblical law
who partakes in the clinic blockade and stalks doctors and clients?
Operation Rescue
violence against women is a form of
social control
___% of societies are rape free
__% societies are rape prone
___% are rape-rare
___% of college women experience some form of sexual victimization
____% of women will be battered
time of greatest danger of battered women
when trying to leave
effects of violence against women
post traumatic stress,
severe depression
contemplate suicide
12% attempt suicide
__ of girls are sexually abused
1/3 - 2/3
__ of boys are sexually abused
___% of rapists are known to the victim
almost ______ women are raped annually
____% of women will be sexually assaulted sometime in their lives
conviction rates for rape
80-90% go unreported
2-5% of reports get a conviction
reasons for a gang rape
dont want people to think their gay
male bonding
initiation ritual
what is femicide?
murder of a woman for a gendered reason
motives for femicide
serial/mass murder
honor kililngs
you suspect a family member has been dishonored
femicide -->
rape became a
war crime
examples of war rape:
Japan (rape of Manking)
Germans invaded Russia
Russia invaded Berlin
US in Vietnam
what is the institutional matrix of inequality?
our social institution is promoting inequality; not equality
what is the earnings gap in the US?
wage gap in 1890?
definition of sexual harassment
a form of sex discrimination
types of sexual harassment
1) Quid Pro Quo (by the bosS)
2) Hostile environment (by coworkers)
Title VII
forbids discrimination on the basis of gender or race (protects you from sexual harassment)
any complaint must be filed with the
EEOC - equal employment opportunity commission
what's the second shift?
women have two shifts: work and childcare... it is part of the matrix of inequality
"intensive mothering"
when women get paid, could split the childcare, but have not. (part of matrix of inequality)
feminization of poverty
ranks of poor are primarily women and their children (part of matrix of inequality)
women do ____ of all work, and earn less than ___% of all wages and own less than ___% of all wealth
2/3, 10, 1
a social movement dedicated to ending oppression of women and all other groups of people
Handmaid's tale was
rape rare
any attempt to prevent pregnancy and control your own fertility
intentional termination of a pregnancy
________ were used in ancient world to prevent pregnancy
vaginal suppositories
__% of women have had abortions
what are the comstock laws?
federal laws to make it a felony in distributing birth control to males
Planned Parenthood in 19__'s
Abortion rights movement in 19__'s
Roe v Wade in ____.
human life amendment
saying a fetus is a human life at conception
"rape and pillage"
soldiers rape women and take their money
motivation for suicide
hatred of women
to be sexual harrassment:
1) unwelcome
2) negative job consequence
3) consent is irrelevant