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What is Engel's Theory?
gender and equality orginates with the creation of private property.
what is the materialst reproduction theory?
patriarchies stay in power by controlling women's sexuality and reproduction.
What are the historical ideas about women?
Women are 1) responsible for downfall of humankind 2) inferior to men 3) like children 3) good or bad based on sexuality 4)evil 5) virgin/whore dichotomy 6) incomplete men
What are the separate spheres?
men generally belong in the public world of work; women in the private world at home.
"true womanhood" and its qualities
new qualities for women (white, mc) 1) materialism 2)spirituality/moral 3) passionless (sexual) 4) submissive
Republican motherhood
women in childcare only now. education started for women so they could educate.
what is coverture?
the husband and wife are one person under the law; the existance of woman is suspended during the marriage and she performs everything under his protection.
New Woman
the new college educated women and coverture disappears
Qualities of the New Woman
1) self supporting 2) college educated 3) 50% never marry
when did women gain the right to vote?
what are flappers?
women with no corset, makeup, skirts, smoked, sex, bars, etc
Who is Rosie the Riveter?
women who was hired to do a man's job for equal pay during WWII. was fired after the war.
Feminine, about
Betty Friedan, the problems that housewives faced.
John Berger says
men ACT and women APPEAR
what is objectification?
turning someone/group into an object or something less than human
objectification is the first step toward..
promoting violence
objectification depends on
the male gaze
the male gaze:
the assumptions made by creators of popular images
men are _____ and have a _______ view of women
viewers, narrow
sexualized images that's designed to arouse
softcore examples
playboy, maxim, --simulated sex acts; nude but no close ups
maxim; movies
loose women
without corsets, etc
how the body is gendered
lowered eyes, posture, keep mouth shut, repress bodily hunger diet exercise cosmetic surgery, stiletto heels
Ways Patriarchies have disciplined the female body
1) footbinding
2) female genital mutilation
3) veiling
4) corset
what is the beauty myth?
our culture values looks- to be successful, you must be beautiful.
body project
b/c of beauty, women's #1 goal is trying to create the perfect body
what about medieval fasting women is different?
they did it spiritually
eating disorders started
1970s in young MC white women
How many have eating disorders?
how many are at high risk of eating disorders?
chief cause of eating disorders
popular culture
food refusal
calories for anorexia
200-300 cal/day
Karen Carpenter
died from anorexia in 1983
you have anorexia if
loss of more than 25% of body weight, disrubance of body image, refusal to maintian body weight, fear of being fat, loss menstrual cycle
effects of starvation
apathy, depression, cant function in society (agorophobia), psychosis, physical damage
binge and purge syndrome
Jane Fonda
had bulimia
__% of college women have anorexia
___-___% of anorexics are women
90, 95
up to ___% of people die from eating disorders (___#____)
19, 150000
women use ______ to help them binge
ipecac syrup
a super model aka
a heroin chic
3 models of causation
1) biomedical 2) psychological model 3) cultural model
organic/medical reasons ex: dysfunction of hypothalamus
psychological model
a psychological component
ex: 1) pathological response to the development crisis of adolescents
2) obsessive compulsive disorder
3) addiction to starvation model
cultural model
cultural imperative for thinness of women encouraged by cultural images (THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT ONE)
___% of 4th grade girls are dieting