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a) What is the essential ingredient used to make beer?
b) What is used to flavor beer, giving it bitterness and aroma?
a) malted barley
b) the flower of the hop (114)
Name four types of beer
There are the following types of beer: bitter, mild, pale ale, light ale, brown ale, stout, barley wine, lager pilsner (pils) (104)
Do hops increase the alcoholic strength of beer?
No. Hops do not contain sugar and so have no effect on the beer's alcoholic strength (117)
When brewing beer, what is liquor?
Water (119)
When brewing lager, are top-fermenting or bottom-fermenting yeast used?
Bottom-fermenting (119)
Describe the process by which barley is turned into malt
The barley is steeped in water to stimulate germination. The germinating barley is then kept under carefully controlled conditions of warmth and moisture as germination proceeds. The diastase begins the conversion of starch into sugar. Germination is halted by drying the grain by controlled heat in a kiln (120)
What happens in a mash tun?
Hot water is added to the grist which enables any remaining starch to be converted into sugar. The sugar is disolved in water, giving a sweetliquid known as wort (121)
What happens in a copper?
The wort is boiled in the copper and hops are added. Sugar may also be added to increase the potential alcohol (122)
What is real ale?
Real Ale is a term used for naturally conditioned beers (124)
What is barley wine?
A strong sweet beer with an alcohol strength of up to 10% by volume (125)
a) Name two counties in England where cider apples are grown
b) Name two counties in England where cider is made from desert and culinary apples
a) Avon, Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Gloucester, Hereford, Worcestershire and Somerset
b)Kent, Norfolk, Suffolk and Sussex (126)
From what fruit is perry made?
Perry is made from Pear juice with up to 25% apple juice permitted. (126)
In cider making, how are rotten apples separated from healthy fruit?
At the cider mill, all the fruit is transported through water courses. Rotten apples sink and so can easily be disgarded (128)
Does standard cider tend to be higher or lower in alcoholic content than standard lager?
Stronger. Standard Cider is between 4% and 6%. Standard lager has a strength of about 3%. (130)
What is a potable spirit?
A potable spirit is one intended for human consumption. (132)
Anyone may brew their own beer or make their own wine. Can anyone distill their own spirits?
No. In the UK spirits may only be made in distilleries licensed by Customs. (132)
a) name two types of still
b) with which type of still is distillation carried out by a batch process?
a) Pot still and patent (sometimes called coffee or continuous) still
b) Pot still (133)
a) name the three fractions into which the last distillation of a pot still is divided
b) Which fraction produces the potable spirit?
a) Heads (or foreshoots)
Heart (or Spirit)
Tails (or feints)
b) Hearts (133)
What type of still is used to make rye whiskey?
Rye Whiskey is distilled using a patent still (136)
From what fruit is slivovitz made?
Plums (136)
Which tends to have the fuller flavor, Armagnac or Cognac?
Armagnac tends to have a fuller flavor than cognac (138)
a) Where is France is Calvados made?
b) from what is it made?
a) Normandy
b) Calvados is distilled cider (138)
What spirit is made from the distillation of fermented molasses?
Molasses is diluted with water, fermented and distilled to make rum (139)
Why is vodka passed through beds of activated charcoal?
Vodka is passed through beds of activated charcoal to remove all taste and smell and leave a pure neutral spirit that needs no maturation and may be bottled and consumned at once (140)
Name the two main styles of Gin?
London Dry Gin and Dutch Gin (140)
List the three steps in the production of London Dry Gin?
a) a low strength alcoholic was nade from molasses or grain, is distilled in a patent still
b) This spirit is then re-distilled in a patent still ot produce a highly rectified neutral spirit
c) this rectified spirit is placed in a pot still with flavorings
With what is ouzo flavored?
Aniseed (141)
What are the three ways of putting flavor into a liquor?
a) distilling the spirit with the flavorings in a pot still
b) soaking the flavoring in alcohol for about four weeks
c) pumping alcohol over the flavoring (infusion) (142)
describe three ways in which a low alcohol beverage can be made?
a) Short fermentation
b) Removal of alcohol from a full strength beverage
c) blending together alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (144-145)