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At what time of the year is the vintage is Australia?
Between February and April (86)
What is the most important wine producing region in Argentina?
Mendoza (86)
Name one of the important grapes cultivated in Argentina.
Malbec, Torrontes and Cabernet Sauvignon are all important (88)
What grape is used in California to make wines labelled as "Fume Blanc"?
Sauvignon Blanc (88)
What is the name of California's bulk wine producing region?
Central Valley (88)
Name one of California's premium producing regions?
Napa and Sonoma are the two best known premium regions in California (88)
What is Pinotage?
Pinotage is a vine developed in South Africa (89)
Describe the style of most Australian red wine.
Most Australia red wine is full bodied with rich fruit and only moderate tannin (90)
Name two premium wine producing regions in South Australia.
Barossa, Adelaide Hills and Coonawarra are in South Australia (90)
In which Australian state is Riverina?
New South Wales (90)
Auckland and Marlborough are centers of wine production. In which country are they located?
New Zealand (90)
What are the two main vine varieties grown in Chile?
Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot (87)
Which is the most important wine producing state in the USA?
California (87)
In which country is the vine Zinfanel cultivated?
USA (California) (88)