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Bourbon must be from where?
Anywhere in the USA that allows the distillation of drinkable spirits.
Bourbon is strongly associated with where?
Bourbon County, Tennessee
Describe Bourbon
Bourbon is a full-flavoured, sweet and punchy American Whiskey with layers of toffee, coconut, vanilla and spice flavours
By law bourbon must be distilled from a mash bill of?
51% corn
By law bourbon must be distilled to a minimum of?
80% ABV
By law bourbon must be matured in? For how long?
For a minimum of 2 years in new charred oak barrels no bigger than 200 litres
Bourbon may not have?
Colour adjustment.
Bourbon mash is fermented for approximately how long in what?
3 days in wood or stainless steel fermenters.
Describe how bourbon distillers deal with hard, akaline water
A minimum of 25% 'Backset', an acidic residue from the column (beer) still is added to the wash.
What does 'backset' do?
Backset evens out the character between batches, aids yeast propogation, reduces the chance of bacterial infection and increases the acidity of the wash.
What is 'backset'?
Used in the sourmash process 'backset' is the acidic residue left in the bottom of the column (beer) still from the previous ferment that is added to the wash to even out the character between batches, aid yeast propogation, alter the PH of the mash (making it more acidic) and to aid in avoiding bacterial infection. A minimum of 25% must be added.
What is sweet mash?
An American whiskey mash with no backset.
In the production of American whiskey yeast is...?
Considered an important contributor to flavour.
Which American whiskey distillery has a different distilling process?
Labrot and Graham (Woodside Reserve), they use a type of triple distillation.
Briefly describe the distillation of bourbon
The fermented mash is distilled in a column still known as a beer still, producing 'low wines' these are then put through a 'thumper' or a basic pot still known as a 'doubler' which reduces impurities and increases alcoholic strength.
When bourbon leaves the distilling process it is known as?
White dog or high wines.
Bourbon is matured in barrels stored within?
Either a modern brick storehouse or a traditional wood and metal clad 7-9 story 'rackhouse'. Which has great temperature fluctuations between the top and the bottom and requires blending, barrel rotation or spirit movement (between barrels) for consistancy
Define the American whiskey term 'small batch'
Small batch is an unregulated term which refers to a selection of barrels of any number (it may be 20 or 70)
What types of whiskey could you exect to find from the USA?
Bourbon, Tennessee Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, Corn Whiskey, light whiskey, straight whiskey
What is the differences between Tennessee Whiskey and bourbon?
Tennessee often does but is not required to have a mash with 51% corn. 'The Lincolne County Process', implemented in 1823, is the main difference which requires the 'white dog' to be filtered , before maturation, through 10 metres of sweet maple charcoal which takes around 10 days, it mellows and imputs a sweet, smokey flavour.
Define straight whiskey
(USA) Whiskey with a mash of 51% single grain, distilled to no more than 80% ABV, matured in new charred oak for at least 2 years.
Define Light Whiskey
In the USA a whiskey distilled to between 80-90% ABV, and aged in used or uncharred new oak barrels. Lighter and less complex than straight whiskey.
What recent change has developed affecting Tennessee Whiskey
In 2009 the restrictive statute that limited distillation of drinkable spirits to only 3 of Tennessee’s 95 counties (Lincolne, Moore & Coffee) was revised to include an additional 41 counties in hope to encourage small boutique distillers.