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system of thought and belief
extreme love and devotion of ones country
member of the highest class in spanish colonies of the US
person in spains colonies in the Us who was an american born of spanish descent
in spanish colonies in the US of Native American and European descent
in spanish colonies in the US of African and European descent
Toussaint L'Oeverture
leader of the slave rebellion in haiti but was captured and sent to the frech alps
Simon Bolivar
the liberator, a vanezualean creole
L:promised freedom
C:strive for unity
economic union by Prussia that destroyed tarrfidds between German States
class of people in Prussia (conservatives and land-owning nobles)
Realistic Politics based on needs of the state
Prussias war with Denmark
Bismark waged war so he could control the states of Denamark once he had taken control with his and Austria's troops
Austro-Prussian War/Seven Weeks War
To contol the land that Austria accumulated after the war with denmark--Bismark and the Prussians won
Franco-Prussian War
Bismark sent a telgram to France and made it seem that William 2 had insulted Napoleon so he wanted to defend his counrty by trying to defeat Bismark's forces.--PRUSSIA WON
Red Shirts
100 voulenteer fighters taked to sicily where they won contol and marched north to naples
Otto Von Bismark
Iron Chancellor- Prime Minister of Prussia
Giuseppe Manzini
HEART of unification, started young italy
Camillo di Cavour
BRAIN of unification, prime minister appointed by victor emmanuel 2
Giuseppe Garabaldi
SWORD of unification
Industrial Revolution
18th century when machines were used to make products rather than by hand.
Agricultural Revolution
new farming methods in GB in 1700s
crop rotation
rotating crops to preserve soil fertility
spinning jenny
James Hargreav- to spin 8 rolls of thread at one time
water frame
H2O powered spininng machine
cotton gin
used to seperate seeds from the cotton
consumers want more; producers make more
to invest money into enterprises
factors of producion owned by the public (govt) and used to benefit all people
C: radical type of socialism outlines in the communist manifesto
P: lower class
G: middle class
people moving from the farm areas to the citys
"perfect living spaces" reform movement
multistory buildings divided into appartments
John Kay
invented the flying shuttle
Richard Arkwright
Father of the factory system and industrial Revolution
James Watt
steam engine using less fuel
George Stephenson
worlds first R.R. line and fastest train "the rocket"
Eli Whitney
invented the cotton gin
Karl Marx
"scientific socialism"--ideas followed by followers of Lenin during the Russian Civil War
laissez faire
econimoic policy of letting owners of industy and business set working conditions without interference
labor unions
voulentary association of workers who pressed fr reforms by organizing and negotiationg with workers and employers
to take ownership in a company
machine that generates electricity
Wilbur and Orville wirght
first plane
business owned by mny investors
Charles Darwin
humans evolved over hundreds of years
Secondary Schools
high school
one racial group feels superiour to the other
temperance movement
ban or limit the use of alcohol
Public schools
schools payed for by the govt to provide a well educated work force
Henry Bessemer
process of making steel from iron
Louis Pasteur
link between microbes and disease
Thomas Edison
phonograph, moving pictures, and first incandescent lightbulb
Samuel Morse
morse code, and developed the telegraph
Robert fulton
steam engine on a boat- CLeremont
Joseph Lister
antiseptics that prevent infection
Iron Chancellor
Otto Von Bismark
dual Monarchy
francis joseph ruled Austria as and empire and hungary as a king
Balkan Powderkeg
killing of Austrian Heir to the throne which was the begining of WW2
Crimean War
Russia tried to sieze the ottoman land but GB and FRA stepped in and russia lost
modernizing Rusiia with same culture and religion as well as making it industrially modernized with factories and R.R.s liek the rest of europe
Trans-Siberian Railroad (R.R.)
R.R. connecting European Russia to the Pacific Ocean
Bloody Sunday
1/22/1905- Peaceful March to the tsars palace to inprove living standards of the people but guards opened fire into the crowds
October Manifesto
freedom of speech, conscience, person, assembly and union
elected national legislature
Amexander II
tsar of Russia social reform to free serfs and set up zemistvos: elected assemblies
Alexander III
son of II, inforced the secret police
constitutional monarchy
parliment and 2 political parties
Free Trade
trade withouth wuotas, tariffs or other restrictions
Abolition Movement
campaign against slavery and the slave trade
Penal Colonies
settlements for convits in Austrailia and New Zeland
Absentee Landlords/Irish Peasants
AL:own large properties of land but dont live on them
IP:poverty and pay high rent to the AL
Great Hunger
famine casued by a dease in the potatoe crop
Catholic Emancipation act
Irish Catholics can vote and hold political office
Suez Canal
in Egypt, 100 miles connecting Med and Red Seas
Privisional Govt
temporary govt.
violent hatred of Jews
movement to rebuild the jewish state in palestine
Louisiana Purchase
Thomas Jefferson bought the Louisiana Territory from France-it doubled the size of the nation
Queen Victoria
monarch during the victorian age
Daniel O'Connell
the "Liberator"
Charles Stewart Parnell
railed irish members of parliment to press for home rule
Abraham Lincoln
opposed extending slavery into the new territories