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Where does the majority of wrist flexion occur?
Midcarpal joint
How many degrees of motion occur a the wrist?
What two joints make-up the wrist joint?
Midcarpal and Radiocarpal joints
What is the convex surface at the radiocarpal joint?
Proximal row of carpal bones
Is the ulna included as an articulating surface at the radiocarpal joint?
During what motion does the radial collateral ligament become taut?
Ulnar deviation
Describe the arthrokinematics of the wrist joint during open kinetic chain radial deviation.
The proximal row of carpal bones roll laterally and glide medially
What is the closed packed position of the wrist?
Extension with RD
What accounts for the fact that there is more wrist flexion then extension?
Palmar Tilt
What accounts for the fact that there is more ulnar deviation then radial deviation?
Ulnar Tilt
The wrist extensors originate from what epicondyle?
What nerve roots innervate the Ext Carpi Radialis Longus?
What nerve roots innervate the Flexor Carpi Ulnaris?
Wrist flexion is associated with what frontal plane motion?
Ulnar Deviation
What carpal bones make-up the proximal row?
Scaphoid, lunate, triquetrum, pisform
What nerve roots innervate the Ext Carpi Ulnaris?
What ligament forms the roof of the carpal tunnel?
Transverse Carpal
What motion causes the Dorsal radiocarpal ligament to become taut?
Wrist Flexion
Radial and Ulnar deviation occur around what kind of axis?
Describe the arthrokinematics of wrist flexion in a closed kinetic chain?
The radius rolls and glides anteriorly
What postion of the wrist enhances grip strength?
Slight extension
Why is grip strength diminished when the wrist is flexed?
Active insufficiency occurs in the finger flexors.
True or False: the palmaris longus is a wrist flexor.
What is normal wrist flexion?
80 degrees
What is normal ulnar deviation?
30 degrees
True or False: the Palmar radiocarpal ligament is slack during wrist flexion.
Name the carpal bones in the distal row starting medially?
Hamate, Capitate, Trapezoid and Trapezium
What classification of joint is the radiocarpal joint?
What nerve roots innervate the ECRB?

Describe the arthrokinematics during CKC flexion.

The radius rolls and glides anteriorly