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What were the first names of the Wright brothers and who made the first major flight?
Wilbur and Orville. Wilbur made the first flight.
Where did the Wright brothers grow up and own their shop?
Dayton, Ohio
What did the Wright brothers get as a gift when they were young that inspired their love for flying?
A toy helicopter
The force created by air pushing on a surface
Air pressure
What was the name of the place the Wright brothers first tester their plane at?
Kitty Hawk, NC
What kind of shop did the Wright brothers own before building their airplane?
Bicycle repair and sales shop
Where is the Wright Flyer located today?
National Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C.
A force created by the engines that pushes an aircraft throught the air
Why was Kitty Hawk the ideal place to test the plane?
Steady winds and sand dunes on which they could glide and land gently
How did the Wright brothers get to choose who got to fly the plane?
They flipped a coin
How did the Wright brothers figure out how to control their plane in flight?
Watching pigeons
What was the name of the fabric-covered wooden framed biplane the Wright brothers flew?
Wright Flyer
How did the Wright brothers figure out how to control their plane in flight?
Watching pigeons
How long was the first Wright flight?
120 feet. Lasting 12 seconds
Having a shape that allows for smooth airflow and lift.
What year did the Wright brothers make their first successful flight?
What did the Wright brothers use before the flew their engine powered plane?
A glider
An upward force produced by air passing over and under the wing of an airplane
What did the Wright brothers build to test their wing and airframe designs?
A wind tunnel
What is the term for a push or pull in a certain direction, that can be measured?