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What did Junk Yard Dog typically have written on the back of his tights?
What was Tito Santana's gimmick name in WWF?
El Matador
Jerry Lawler brought Issac Yankem,DDS into WWF to feud with whom?
Bret Hart
Who was XPW's last Heavyweight champion?
Shane Douglas
What wrestler's real name is Terry Brunk?
Who wrestled under the previous gimmick of "Lord Humongous"?
Sid Vicious
In WCW in 1992, a tag team existed called The Vegas Connection. Vinnie Vegas (Kevin Nash) was one half, who was the other?
"Diamond" Dallas Page
Who was SMW's last Heavyweight champion?
Jerry Lawler
Who did Roddy Piper win the WWF Intercontinental Championship from at WWF Royal Rumble 1992?
The Mountie
Who was recognized as the first AWA Heavyweight Champion in 1959, and given 60 days to defend the title or be stripped of it?
Pat O' Connor