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(shouting) Woyzeck, Woyzeck!!! (Woyzeck runs in, the doctor throws him the cat, and he catches it)
Doctor, the cat is biting me.
And there you are! You're holding it in your arms as if it was your grandmother.
I'm shaking doctor.
Oh really, how interesting? How very interesting. And what do we have here? A new species of louse? Good one, too. (takes out the magnifying glass and examines the cat.)
You're scaring it to death. (runs off with the cat)
Animals have no instincts. Observe, ladies and gentlemen, for three months this man has eaten nothing but peas. Take note of the effect. His pulse is irregular. Remarkably irregular. Notice his eyes. Note how strange his eyes are.
Doctor, everything is going dark again.
Don't worry Woyzeck. A few more days and it'll all be over. The effect is visible, palpable, and scientific. Now Woyzeck, just wiggle your ears for the people here while we're at it. I mean to show you this before. He can do both of them seperately. Do it!
Doctor. . .
You're a bonehead. No offense. I am a virtuous man, but if trifle with me I can give as good as I get. When I feel like it. (Woyzeck enters walking down the street) . . . . .DOCTOR. . . .CAPTAIN- Ah yes...this beard problem. Tell me Woyzeck, have you found a hair in your soup recently? I dont think he gets it. A hair...Woyzeck...from somebody's engineer...a sergeant...a DRUM MAJOR? Well, Woyzeck? But he's got a good wife...she's not like the rest.
Yes, sir. What do you mean sir?
Look at his face! Well maybe not his soup-but if he runs around the corner he might find that hair sticking to a certain pair of lips. A particular pair of lips. Woyzeck, oh yes, I know what love is too. Look at him he is as white as a sheet.
Captain, sir, I'm just a poor man. She's all I've got in the world. Please sir, dont make jokes, please sir.
Captain-me make jokes? make jokes?
Doctor- Your pulse Woyzeck, its quick, skipping, its violent and irregular.
Captain, the earth is hot as hell. I'm cold, ice cold. Hell is cold, I'd bet on it. Bitch, bitch. . .(look at captain) IMPOSSIBLE!!!
CAPTAIN-stop looking at me like that! You want a bullet in your brain? Your eyes are like knives. Stop it! I'm only trying to help cause youre a good man Woyzeck, a good man.
DOCTOR-Facial muscles taut, rigid. The occasional twitch. Physically tense excitable.
I'm going. It's possible. The bitch. It's very possible. Nice weather we are having, Captain. Sky's beautiful-cold, grey and hard. Makes you want to hammer a nail in to it and hang yourself. All for the difference between the yes and no. Is the "no" to blame for the "yes" or the "yes" to blame for the "no"? I must think about that.