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#22 The Inn. People dancing.
Dance! Dance! Everyone dance. Sweat and stink. He'll get you all in the end.
(to Margaret) Come over here! Sit down. I'm hot. Whew. Hot. That's how it is.
(to Drum Major) The devil takes one and lets the other go. You're hot Margaret. You'll be cold too someday. Look after yourself. Why dont you sing me something?
Down to the south
I will not stray
For silken gowns
I do not yearn
for pointed shoes, I do not yearn
A servant girl must say her nay.
No. No shoes. You can get to hell without shoes.
Oh no, my love the girl did moan,
Take back your money and sleep alone.
Sleep alone. Wouldn't wanna' get all bloody.
What's that, on your hand?
Margaret-It's red. Blood!
1st Man- Is he bleeding?
Blood? No.
Must have cut myself. Cut my hand.
how did it get there?
When I wiped it off.
And the giant said, "Fee fi fo fum. I smell the blood of an Englishman."
What do you want? Damn you! Do I look like I've killed someone? Do I look like a murderer? Look at yourselves!
#23 Final Monologue for Woyzeck
The Knife. Where's the knife? Here where I left it. Getting closer. Closer. Shhh. Quiet! Shh! Quiet. Something moved. Shhh. Over there. Marie? Aaahhh, Marie. Quiet. So quiet. You're so pale, Marie. What's this red thing around your neck? A necklace? Is that what he gave you to fuck him? To go black with sin. You were black with sin and I made you go pale and white.
Your hair is a mess Marie. Didn't comb it today? Let me tidy it for you. And you're covered in blood. Who did this to you? There's even blood on the moon.
(throws the knife into the water)
It sinks like a stone in the dark water. No, not far enough? When they dive in the summer it will be rusty. Should have broken it. I'm covered in blood I can smell it. Here's some more and some more again and again. . .