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Margaret. . .And he sat down and he cried and cried. And he's sitting there now. All alone.
(offstage) MARIE!
What do you want?
We've got to go. Its time.
Where to?
Does it matter? (crosses to them)
My son. Christian.
Little Pieces
(tries to touch the child, there is a scream) My God.
little pieces
Christian, you'll get a hobbyhorse. Buy him one with this.
Hop! Horsy hop, horsey hop
#21 (In the woods)
The town is back that way. It's so dark. I want to go back.
Not yet, stay here. Sit down.
I've got to get back.
Your feet will tire, rest awhile.
What's happened to you?
Do you know how long its been Marie?
Two years, come Easter
Do you know how long its going to be?
I've got to go back. Got to make supper.
Are you cold Marie? No, you're warm. Hot. Hot lips, as hot as coals. The hot breath of a whore! I'd move heaven and earth for just one more kiss. Once you're cold, you dont feel the weather anymore. The cold dew doesn't touch you.
What are you talking about?
Look how red the moon is tonight. It's rising.
Like a blade washed in blood.
What do you mean? Franz, you look so pale. (Woyzeck pulls out the knife) No. Franz! Stop! Wait! For God's sake. Help me. Help me.
There! There! There! Why dont you die? Die! Not yet? Now? Now! Dead, dead.