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(In the barracks) #17
Did he say anything?
He was with some friends.
What'd he say? (silence) what'd he say?
What did you expect him to say? Nice piece? Wet and twice as warm?
So that's what he said. What was I dreaming about last night? A knife. Stupid things, dreams.
Where are you going?
Got to bring some wine for the officers. You know Andres, there was nobody like her!
#18 At the Pawnshop
(returning a gun)
Too much.
Do you want it or not? Make up your mind.
How much was the knife?
This one? Straight and sharp. You wanna' cut your throat? Well? I'll sell it to you cheap. For you, cheap. For everyone else, cheap. Cheap like your death huh? But not free. You'll have an economical death.
This'll cut more than bread...Here! (gives him the money)