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It does stink. My whole goddamn soul reeks of booze. Everything stinks. Money stinks. Rots. But the world is beautiful. I could weep for it. Weep till the beer barrels were full of m tears. Until our noses were bottles of booze. We could pour them down each other's throats.
(Woyzeck enters, Marie and the Drum Major are dancing hotly.)
Goddamn them!
MARIE- dont stop, dont stop
DRUM MAJOR- round and round
On and on, round and round. Turn. Sweat. Stop the earth spinning, Dont stop, dont stop.
It stinks
Yeah it stinks, her lips are so red.
I smell blood.
Thats all I see, they are rolling in a sea of blood. Oh God put out the sun. The dark hides their lust. Man and woman, man and animal. They'd do it in daylight too. They'd do it like flies on the back of our hands. Look at her sweat. Like a bitch in heat. Dont stop! Dont stop! Look at that bastard. Hands on her body, up her, in her. The way I used to.
(Woyzeck #15)
-Waking Andres-
Andres! Andres! I cant sleep. Everything starts spinning when I shut my eyes. I can hear the music-playing on and on, round and round. Then in the darkness from the stones, a voice says...can you hear it?
Yeah. Leave 'em be. Let 'em dance. People get tired. Quiet. God bless us, Amen.
It's always the same...stab. Stab. I feel between my eyes. Like a knife.