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tenacious (adjective)

te-nash s
firmly holding; gripping;retaining
If you want to score a 4.0 every semester, you should study in a tenacious manner.
circumvent (verb)

surk m-vent
to avoid; to outwit

By careful design of the plant , they circumvent a lot of the waste from the production line.
extract (verb)

ik-strakt; (noun) ekstrakt
to pull out; to draw out (verb)

A dentist extracted the decayed molar tooth with great care.
inadvertently ( adverb)

in d-vurtnt-le
unintentionally; by accident

J.J Thompson inadvertently invented the TV and monitor while he was doing the electron bobardment experiment.
retract ( verb)

to withdraw a promise or statement; to pull something back
My dad is a very nice father who never retracted his promises.
transitory ( adjective)

short-lived; existing briefly; passing

My headache is transitory which only stays for half an hour.
circumscribe ( verb)

surk m-skrib
to limit; to restrict; to enclose

A rectangle is inscribed in a circle,so the circle circumscribe the rectangle.
transformation (noun)

transf r-mash n
a complete change

In the industrialized countries, the trasformation of man into woman and woman into man is incredible.
tenable (adjective)

t n-b l
capable of being defended;

My argumentative essay was so tenable that everyone wanted to read its logical approach.
adversary (noun)

adv r-sere
opponent; foe

The friendly prime minister of Ethiopia and Eritria became adversary of each other after the disagreement of land demarcation.
perverse (adjective)

p r-vurs
contrary; determined not to do what is expected or right

My perverse brother refused to study as two eweeks left for the final exam.
transcend (verb)

to overcome; to go above the limits

To transcend poverty from Africa, the pan African scholars have to work very hard to overcome it as soon as possible.
circumspect (adjective)

surk m-spekt
cautious; careful; considering results of action

As the situations became dangerous, everyone should live a circumspect life.
distraught (adjective)

crazy with worry

Because thier son didn't come back from school, dave and Ann became distraught.