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transitory (adjective)

def. short-lived;existing briefly;passing

A dayfly lives a transitory life.
eject (verb)

def. to force to leave;to expel

Whenever I want to take videos from VCR, I press eject button.
transcend (verb)

def. to overcome;to go above limits

He could transcend his limit after hard training.
conducive (adjective)

k n-doo'siv
def. contributing to;leading to

Exercise is conducive to losing weight.
transformation (noun)

trans`f r-ma'sh n
def. a complete change

If I can do a transformation, I want to be a Michael Jordan.
tenable (adjective)

t n' -b l
def. capable of being defended;logical

After 5 years work, he can make a tenable opinion to defned his theory.
adversary (noun)

ad'v r-ser`e
def. opponent;foe

Devil is an adversary to angel.
staunch (adjective)

def.1.faithful;firmly supporting 2.healthy;strong

I used to trust John as a stounch friend before he betrayed me.
retract (verb)

def. to wiyhdraw a promise or statement;to pull out something back

He wanted to retract his words, but it was too late to recover that situation to the past.
stature (noun)

stach' r
def.1.level of achievement and honor 2.physical height

Most NBA players are tall in stature.
extract (verb,noun)

ik-strakt' (verb)

ek'strakt (noun) pull out;to draw out 2.n.something that is drawn out

I extracted $1000 from ATM machine this morning.
deduction (noun)

di-duk'sh n
def.1.something subtracted frome a total 2.a conclusion drawn from evidence

I was wondering that I can get a tax deduction if I give money to the hospital.
circumscribe (verb)

sur'k m-skrib`
def. to limit;to restrict;to enclose

The child's freetime is circumscribed.

abduction (noun)

ab-duk'sh n
def. kidnapping

When he found out his kid was not at homeand received call from strangers, he thought of abduction.
perverse (adjective)

p r-vurs'
def. contrary;determined not to do what is expected or right

It is perverse to mistreat children.
status quo (noun)

sta`t s kwo'
def. the existing conditions;present state of things

Citizens voted for the same president because they wanted to keep the status quo.
inadvertently (adverb)

in` d-vur'tnt-le
def. unintentionally;by accident

He was really mad at me, although it was inadvertently mistake.
tenacious (adjective)

t -na'sh s
def. firmly holding;gripping;retaining

I never give up on something if I think it is possible for me, so my friends call me a tenacious boy.
circumvent (verb)

sur`k m-vent'
def. to avoid;to outwit

Because of his past bad experiences, he can circumvent worse things right now.
jettison (verb)

def. to throw out forcefully;to throw overboard

Sailors jettisoned big boxes in the storm to make the ship lighter.
circumspect (adjective)

sur'k m-spekt`
def. cautious; careful; considering results of actions

He became a circumspect man after being betrayed by his friends.
dejected (adjective)

def. depressed;downcast

After that accident, he was so dejected because of his family's death.
abstain (verb)

def.1.not to do something by choice 2.not to vote

If you want to keep you healthy, you have to abstain drugs and alcohol.
distraught (adjective)

def. crazy with worry

She was distraught by the death of her aunt.