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chauvinism (noun)

sho'v -niz` m
def. prejudiced devotion to a group or country

His chauvinism makes his country stronger, so he is a truly patriotic.
misanthrope (noun)

mis' n-throp
def. a person who hates or distrusts other people

He must be a misanthrope because he always talks bad things about other people.
gargantuan (adjective)

gar-gan'choo- n
def. huge;immense

After eating 5 meals a day, he became gargantuan guy.
anthropological (adjective)

an`thr -p -loj'i-k l
def. referring to the study of human beings

Because of our teacher's anthropological explanation, we know everything about human being and culture.

pseudonym (noun)

assumed name;pen name

Some singers in Korea use pseudonym because their real name is funny.
congenital (adjective)

k n-jen'i-t l
def.1.existing at birth 2.naturally being a certain way;habitual

He has a congenital disease, and it's from his parents.
psychosomatic (adjective)

def. referring to physical disorders that are caused by the mind

He worries so much about small things, so a psychosomatic reaction makes his stomachache.
philanthropist (noun)

fi-lan'thr -pist
def. one who wishes to help humanity;a person who makes large gifts to charity

People who help and donate to the poor are philanthropists.
odyssey (noun)

def. a long and adventurous journey

His parents planned the odyssey,and he learned a lot of things by going around the world.
panorama (noun)

pan` -ram'-
def.1.a clear view over a wide area 2.a wide-ranging survey

I stood on the top of the mountain and viewed the panorama of sea and sky.
spartan (adjective)

def. lacking in comfort;requiring self-discipline

After the spartan exercise, they were tired and exhausted
viable (adjective)

vi' -b l
def.capable of living;capable of success;workable

I think his dream will come true because he found a viable solution for that problem.
quixotic (adjective)

def. noble,but not practical;having unreachable ideals;idealistic

Bringing every homeless child in the city in to your house is a quixotic plan.
renowned (adjective)

def. famous;well regarded

Switzerland is renowned for its beautiful mountain, so there are many visitors.
genesis (noun0

def. origin;beginning

Some anthropologists say that the genesis of human being is a monkey.
pandemonium (noun)

pan`d -mo'ne- m
def. chaos,wild order,and noise

When gangs appeared in the bank, there was pandemonium with people screaming and crying.
genocide (noun)

jen' -sid`
def. the planned murder of an entire group

Because of Hitler's genocide, so many innocent people died.
vital (adjective)

def.1.referring to life 2.necessary;essential 3.lively;full of life;busy

Men always look for women because they are vital to men.
vivacious (adjective)

vi-va'sh s
def. lively;full of spirit

She is a vivacious girl, always happy and active.
psyche (noun)

def. mental state;soul

If you have psyche problems, you have to have a mental cure.
boycott (verb,noun)

boi'kot` refuse to use or buy something as an act of protest 2.n.the act of boycotting

After all the citizens' boycott, that comapany couldn't sell anything.
martial (adjective)

mar'sh l
def. referring to war or soldiers

A martial court is a military court that tries soldiers for crimes.
maverick (noun)

mav' r-ik
def. an independent-minded person who does not conform or adhere to rules

He is so maverick, so he only says his opinion.
nomina (adjective)

nom' -n l name only 2.a very small amount

Even though he was a king, he couldn't do anything because he was nominal and his uncle had all the power.