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genesis (adj)
jen i sis
origin; beginning

Chinese army start genesis in Tibet from the West.
nominal (adj)
nom e nel
in name only; a very small amount

I studied whole weekend for the nominal sum of 3 hours per day.
congenital (adj)
ken jeni tel
existing at birth; naturally being a certain way; habitual

The rabits from Zoo congenital to Indian coastal area.
anthropological (adj)
an thre pe loji kel
referring to the study of human beings

last summer I did rearch on human anatomy; I had read anthropological kind of books all day.
vital (adj)
vit l
referring to life; necessary; essential; lively; full of life; busy

In America everyone has vital life.
phliandthropist (n)
fi lan thre pist
one who wishes to help humanity; a person who makes large gifts to charity

Tiger Wood is an phiandthropist person cuz he donated a lot of money to poor childrens.
pseudonym (n)
sood n im
assumed name; pen name

yang kyap name is pseudonym for me; my real name is Tenzin Yangkyap.
mis en throp
a person who hates or distrusts other people

In general, people really misantrope the bad weather, while they are traveling.
vivacious (adj)
vi va shes
lively; full of spirit

My bro general knoweledge is vivacious.
spartan (adj)
spar tn
lacking in comfort; requiring self-discipline

My spartan included study every day for 2 hours.
odyssey (n)
odi se
a long and adventurous journey

The car company launchs the new car that will provide everyone to there odyssey destination.
boycott (n,v)

boi kot
to refuse to use or buy something as an act of protest(v);the act of boycotting(n)

A boycott of England clothes helped Indian people to free there country.
chauvinism (n)
sho ve niz em
prejudiced devotion to a group or country

John chauvinism was to collect my painting product to show his group members.
viable (adj)
vie bel
capable of living; capable of success; workable

Because of my speech, my fellow students are willing to viable with me.
gargantuan (adj)
gar gan choo en
huge; immense

Mt.Everest is gargantuan compare to nanga parvath in India.
psychosomatic (adj)
siko so matik
referring to physical disorders that are caused by the mind

Some people think love is psychosomatic things to do.
maverick (n)
maver ik
an independent minded peron who does not conform or adhere to rules

yang is a maverick who doesn't like what people say about his clothes; He wears it in his own way.
quixotic (adj)
kwik sotik
noble; but not practical; having unreachable ideals; idealistic

Mahatma Ghandi was quixotic person.
renowned (adj)
re nound
famous; well regarded

Kashmir is renowned place of India.
martial (adj)
mar shel
referring to war or soldiers

My friends fight like a martial way.
panorama (n)
pan e rame
a clear view over a wide area

The breataking panorama world trade centers from New York cities will be back soon.
genocide (n)
jen e sid
the planned murder of an entire group

Since 1950 Red Chinese genocidal alot of Tibetan monks.
pandemonium (n)
pan de mo ne em
chaos; wild disorder; and noise

Since Red Chinese invaded Tibet; All of the monastries pandemonium everywhere.
psyche (n)
si ke
mental state; soul

Human psyche can only control by their own brain.