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ri nound
famous/well regarded

Mozambique is reowned about its floods.
sood n im
assumed name .

Jesse Ventura is a pseudonym name ,he has a real name.
vi e bel
capable ofliving/success/workable.

I am viable of having a good future.

fi lan thre pist
one who wishes to help.

when i get mush money i want to be a philanthropistto charities.
vi va shes
lively /full of spirit.

when i go on front to give my speech i want to be more vivacious that i will wake up everyone.

nom e nel
in name only /a very small amount.

i only have a nominal amount for my fees.
vit l

i am so vital with college work.
misanthropic [noun]
mis en throp
a pweson who hates

my girlfriend is misanthropic to my boyfriend.
genocide [noun]
[jen e sid]
the planned murder of an entire group.

Binladen had already genocide in world trade canter.
anthropological [adj]
an thre pe loj i kel
the study of human beings.

my sister wants to become an anthropological of haman beings.
congenital [adj]
ken jen i tel
you are born with it.

my brother has a mark on his skin from burning with tea in my moms stomach.
genesis [noun]
jen i sis
origin / beginning.

in the genesis God created heaven and earth.