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From Greek: philos(loving)+anthrop(human)
philantropist means= one who whishes to help humanity; a person who makes large gifts to the charity

the business man who donated a large amount of money to the poor african villagers was a philantropist.
genocide (noun)jen'e-sid'
from GREEK:gen(type)+latin:-cidium(killing)
genocide means=the killing of entire race.
during ruwandan civil war genocide of tutsi tribe has resulted deaths of over a million people.
congenital(adjective) ken-jen'i-tel

From latin:com-(to gether;with)+gen(birth)
congenital means=existing at birth

she has congenital diabetes since both of her parents were diabetics.
vital (adjective)vit'l

From latin:vit(life)
vital means=referring to life
affordable housing is vital to the low in come people.

boycott(verb,noun) boi'kot'

boycott means=to refuse to use or buy somethings as an act of protest(verb)

we will boycott any product that was produced by using a child labor
viable(adjective) vi'e- bel

From latin:vit(life),becoming Frenchvie(life)

viable means= capable of living, capableof success;workable
we need viable way to stop the african civil wars.