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1.coherent (adjective)

From co- (together)+ Haerere (to cling or stick)
logical; consistent; clearly reasoned

The Canadian government worked out a coherent policy for admitting refugees.

Itis difficula to express yourself in a coherent way when you're angry.
2. collaborate (verb)

From Latin: col-(together) + laborare (to work)
to work together

The United States must collaboratre with other natiions to catch terrorists.

Scientists J. D. Watson and F. H. C. Crick collaborated on a project to determine the structure of DNA.
3. Communal (adjective)

From Latin: com-(together)(Communis meant"shared,""public.")
referring to a community or to joint ownership

A single rude cell-phone user can disturv a large communal space.

The swimming pool was communal property, so eceryvody in the condo association paid dues o keep it clean.
5. concur (verb)
to agree

Experts concur that the sun's rays can cause skin cancer.

In a 1998 pact, forty-four nations concurred on principles for restoring stolen art to surcicors of the Holocaust.

The second report concurred with the first.
6. contemporary (noun, person, adjective)
1. a person avoutr the same ages as another person (noun)
Contemporaries Albert Einstein and Joseph Stalin were both born in 1879.

2. a person living at the same time as another person (noun, person)
Great artists are sometimes not appreciated by their contemporaries.

3. existing at the same time (adjective)
The expansion of railroads and the migration to the West were contemporary development in U.S. history.

4.current, modern (sadjective)
Contemporary fashion trends include body piercing and tattooing.
7. discord (noun)
strife; lack if agreement

Loud arguments revealed the discord in our neighbors' household.
8. disparity (noun)

dis-(not)+ par (equal)
inequality; difference

Despite the disparity in their ages, the bou and his granfather enjoyed fishing together.

The disparity between my boss's promises and my actual working conditions soon became clear.
9. disreputable (adjective)
not respectable; having a bad reputation

It was rumored that the disreputable businessman sent gangsters to collect unpaid debts.
10. syndrome (noun)

syn- (together) + dramein (to run)
a group of symtoms that indicates a disease or disorder.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can include pain, tingling, weakness, and numbness in the hands and fingers.

In the late 1800s, the U.S. economy suffered from a syndrome of alternating growth and sudden declines.
11. synopsis (noun) plural: synopses

syn- (together) +opsis(view)(In a synopis, something is viewed "all together".)
a short summary

Movie reviews often give a short synopsis of the film.
12. sythesis (noun) Plural: syntheses

syn- (together) +tithenai (to put)
something made from combined parts; the making of something by combining parts.

Guitarist Carlos Santana has created a synthesis of his Latin roots and new music styles.

This artist's work is synthese of many traditions.