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extract (V,N)
-(V) to pull out; to drawn out.
-(N) something that is drawn out.
perverse (adj)
- contrary; determined not to do what is expected or right.
- level of achievement and honor, physical height.
transcend (V)
- to overcome; to go above limits.
adversary (N)
- opponent; foe
- My adversary was scared about our fight because in a few minute we will meet in the ring for a chapion.
transitory (adj)
- short-lived; quickly.
tenable (adj)
- capable of being defended, logical.
- My frend is always wrong, he never gave a tenable ideas.
inadvertently (adV)
- unintentionally; by accident.
- The car accident was inadvertently, no body did it on perpose.
distraught (adj)
- crazy with worry
- If i don't study for my test, I'll be distrought befor the test.
circumscribe (V)
- to limit; to restrict; to enclose.
- It is good to circumscribe your child right otherwise they will adopt bad behaver.
Deduction (N)
- something subtracted from a total.
- The deduction of 4-2 is 2.
circumspect (adj)
- cautious; careful; considering results of action.
- My friend is very circumspect person because he do every thing carfully.
retract (V)
- to withdraw a promise or statement, to pull something back.
- Its not good to retract a promise because next time no body will blive your promise.
circumvent (V)
- to avoid; to outwit.
- My friend dosen't like to circumvent peoples ideas, he think every idea they say is helpful.
Abduction (N)
- Kidnapping
- The abduction in America is increasing, a lot of people are missing.
transformation (N)
- a complete change
- I was a bad student, after a while my transformation change was incradeble; sudenly i became A student.
eject (v)
- to force to leave, to exple.
- After I listned a music I always forget to press eject so that I can havce my CD back.
tenacious (adj)
- firmly holding, gripping, retaining.
- The prison gard kept a tenacious on the prisoners so that they can't skap.
Conducive (adj)
- contributing to, leading to
- Eating food is conducive to your health.
dejected (adj)
- depressed, downcast
- If i did something wrong for my futuer I will be dejected for a while.
staunch (adj)
- faithful, firmly supporting; healthy, strong.
- Best friends should be stunch to each other because they should tell each other the truth.
status quo (N)
- the existing conditions, present state of things.
- my room meet and I argued to change the status quo becuse the furniture staid in one place for a long time.
abstain (V)
- not to do something by choice.
- You can abstain from voting because it's your chois.