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What are some brand names for Hydrocolloids?
Duoderm, CombiDERM ACD, Comfeel Plus, Cutinovoa Hydro, Replicare, Restore, Hydrocol, Tegasorb
What are some brand names of Hydrogels?
Vigilon, Biolex, CarraSmart Gel Wound Dressing, CURASOL Gel, Hypergel, Normlgel, Restore Gel, Tender Wet Gel, Tegagel, ClearSite, Flexigel, Intrasite Gel
Give examples of transparent films
OpSite, Tegaderm, CarraFilm, Bioclusive, Mefilm
Give examples of foams
Allevyn, Allevyn Adhesive, Allevyn Cavity, Biatain Adhesive and Non-adhesive, Curafoam, Curafoam Plus, Flexzan, Lyofoam, Mepilex, Mitraflex, PolyMem, Sof-Foam

Tielle (hydropolymer)
Give examples of alginates
AlgiSite M, Comfeel SeaSorb, Curasorb, Kaltostat, Restore, Calcicare, Sorbsan, Tegagen
Give example of a Hydrofiber
Give examples of composites
Alldress, Covaderm Plus, Telfa Island Dressing
Give examples of Contact layers
Mepitel, N-Terface, Profore Wound contact layer, Tegapore
Give examples of wound fillers
FlexiGel Strands Absorbant Wound Dressing, Multidex Maltodextrin Wound Dressing Gel or Powder
Examples of antimicrobial dressings
Cadexomer iodine: Iodosorb gel or Iodoflex pad by Healthpoint
Silver dressings: AcryDerm Silver, Acticoat, Arglaes, SilvaSorb
Examples of Collagen dressings
Fibracol Plus Collagen Wound Dressing with Alginate, Kollagen-Medifil Pads, Kollagen-SkinTemp Sheets, Kollagen-Medifil II Particles
Examples of impregnated gauze
Adaptic, Mesalt(hypertonic saline), Xeroform Dressing
Examples of nonimpregnated gauze
Examples of non-adherent gauze
Coverlet surgical dressing, Telfa dressing, Exu-dry
Examples of enzymatic debriders
Collagenase-Santyl, Accuzyme, Panafil, Gladase Papain-Urea debriding ointment