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Name the 3 special tests to detect venous insufficiency?

Percussion, Homan, Deep vein thrombophlebitis

Describe an abnormal response to the Rubor of dependency test.

30 seconds or longer for color to appear

What are the three primary reasons why wounds don't heal?

Inadequate vascular support, excessive pressure and lack of nutrient

What are the benefits associated with debridement?

Enhance wound assessment, decrease potential for infection, necrotic tissue delays formation of granulation and epithelial tissue

What kinds of tissue should be debrided?

Slough - moist yellow, tan or gray non-viable tissue, Eschar - dry, leathery

Name the 4 methods of wound debridement.

Surgical (sharp debridement), Mecahnical, Autolytic, Enzymatic
What technique are PTAs prohibited from perfroming?
Sharp debridement
True or False: Patients who have an infected wound commonly present with a fever.


What stage PU is characterized by a partial thickness wound.

Stage II

What is the most common cause of venous ulcers?

Venous valve become incompetent

What test is used to screen for Perpherial Arterial Disease (PAD)?

Ankle-brachial index (a normal value is greater than .9)

True or False: A common site for Venous Statis Ulcers is the medial malleolus region.

What two theories are associated with the etiology of venous ulcers?
Fibrin and Leukocyte Trapping Theory
Describe the pathophysiology of venous status ulcers.
Due to damage in the valves, fluids within the veins backs up and begins to overflow into the interstitital space. Large molecues like fibrin and leukocytes seal the pores thus preventing oxygen and other nutrients from getting to the cells. The cells eventually die due to ischemia
What is a common treatment used to treat venous ulcers?
Unna boot
How does a Unna boot work?
A unna boot uses working pressure. The amount ompression should be between 35-40 mm Hg
What is the major cause of PAD?
True or False: Intermittent claudication is a common symptom associated with PAD.
True or False: A Venous Ulcer's wound bed has more exudate then a wound bed caused by PAD
True or False: the amount of bacteria associated with an infected wound is 10 to the sixth power.
True or False: Pressure Ulcers can heal if pressure is relieved before a critical time period is reached, a normal compensatory mechanism, reactive hyperemia, restores tissue nutrition and compensates for compromised circulation.
What course of treatment is recommended for wounds that are infected?
Thorough cleansing, Debridement if needed, Exudate management, systemic antibodics
True or False: The skin normally has a ph which is acidic.
True or False: the use of antiseptics with infected wounds is recommended.
False, Antiseptic do not have a selective anti-bacterial mechanism of action and thus damage all cells on contact. There are however circumstances when control of the bacterial bioburden takes priority and slow release antiseptics are appropriate.
What are the major advantages of keeping the wound bed moist?
Collagen synthesis and granulation tissue formation is improved, epithelial resurfacing occurs faster, eschar does not form, There is a decrease rate of infection
True or false: US can be performed directly over the wound bed.
False, it should be covered with a hydrogel sheet and the US performed over this sheet.
What complications are assoicted with non-advancing wound edges?
Cells not capable of responding to healing signals,
Hyper-proliferation of epidermal cells occurs at the wound margins,Epidermis fails to migrate across the wound
What treatment interventions are used to treat non-advancing wound edges?
Debridement, Biological agents, skin grafts, Adjunctive therapies
Describe what normal granulation tissue looks and feels like?
Light red or dark pink in color, soft to the touch;
moist; and
bumpy (granular) in appearance
How many layers are present in the skin?
Three, dermis, epidermis and subcutaneous layer
What is the role of the skin?
Acts as a barrier and helps regulate the bodies tempature
What kinds of dressing can be used on infected wounds?
Alginates and Collagen
True or False: Gauze dressings can create a moist wound environment.
Name the five different types of Exuduate
Serous,Seropurulent, Purulent/pus, Sanguineous , Serosanguineous
What stage of pressure sore is associated with a shallow crater?
Stage 2